Want to be able to enjoy chocolate without feeling out of control and eating so much that you feel horrible after?

My 6 Week Group Coaching program will give you the step by step framework you need to eat your favorite foods with trust and confidence – so you can enjoy food and FEEL GOOD, too!

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“I’m tired of dieting but I’m too scared to let go of my food rules”

“I’ve tried giving myself permission to eat my favorite foods, but I feel its not working for me – I still overeat them and don’t feel good”. 

“I feel so alone in this food freedom journey, it feels like everyone else is on a new diet. I’m so sick of it!”

“I want to eat healthy, but don’t know how to do that without it feeling like a diet”

“I wish I can make peace with my body, I’m so tired of hating myself.”

You are not alone. I’ve helped hundreds of women who feel like you do right now to let go of dieting stress, stop feeling out of control with food, and lead a healthy life from a place of peace and happiness – where food is enjoyed, not feared! 

This can be your reality, too! 

Women in the 6 week group coaching program will learn

    How to let go of dieting rules and reconnect to your body’s wisdom in guiding you to eat in ways that best serve you – without all the food rules, stress, and micromanaging!

    How to remove fear from your favorite foods and make choices with confidence – so you can enjoy all foods!

    Remove negative self talk related to your eating habits and body so you can set a foundation of self care and compassion to move toward the healthy and happy life you deserve.

    This program is for women who:

    • Are tired of endless dieting and want to free up the mental space that it takes up
    • Are ready to remove food guilt, stress and worry from their life so they can experience ALL of the life with joy and confidence.
    • Are looking for additional support, alongside women who understand their struggles and are on the same journey. 
    • Are willing to reflect on their eating habits and apply the tools they are given to live the healthy and happy life they deserve.

    This program is NOT for women who:

    • Are looking for a quick fix or weight loss plan
    • Need treatment for an eating disorder
    • Are not willing do the inner work to make lasting change in their eating habits and overall health.


        Food can be PEACEFUL and ENJOYABLE!

        This is possible for you…

        What’s Included

        (6) 1 hour group virtual sessions

        We will meet weekly via zoom for 6 weeks. Members will have the chance to have their questions and concerns answered in a group setting. We will decide the best next action step for each member to work on for that week to make progress in their journey to food peace. If you can’t make it live you can send your question in and watch the replay.

        Access to Online Program

        You get access to my online program Break Free From Dieting which will also be our outline for the group coaching topics covered.

        Supportive Community

         Ongoing support from Rachel and other program members within a private Facebook group to answer question or concern that comes up between session so you can make significant progress and feel confident in moving forward.

        Plus! Get Access to these Awesome Bonuses!

        Bonus #1

        20-minute 1:1 session with Rachel

        (Value of $100)

        Have the opportunity to ask your most pressing and personal questions in a private 1 on 1 session with Rachel.

        Bonus #2

        Unlimited Access to Online Program

        (Value of $1200)

        Continue to have unlimited access way after group coaching ends so you can refer back to any lessons or worksheets when needed – includes all bonuses and future updates.

        Bonus #3

        Intuitive Snacking Guide!

        (Value of $29)

        How to make snacking practical, easy, and convenient – while being mindful and intuitive – even on the busiest of days! Includes helpful tips and 25+ easy snack ideas!


        Group Coaching Dates:

        Group will meet every Tuesday starting December 3rd through January 7th*

        Are you waiting for your “New Year’s Resolution” to figure out your eating struggles?

        Your life doesn’t start on New Year’s. It’s happening RIGHT NOW! Instead of needing to “start over” when January 1st hits, Choose to enter 2020 with food confidence and body trust! 

        *if you can’t make a class, you can send in your question/concern and a replay will be sent

        Starting December 3rd, Group Members will get: 

        The 6 week framework & support to:

        • Stop fearing the foods you love and enjoy them in amounts that feel good with trust!
        • Stop hating your body and feel good in your skin
        • Feel confident in your food choices and what actual nutritious eating should look and feel like to you

        Plus these essential bonuses:

        • Unlimited Access to Online Program (valued at $1200)
          You’ll have access to my online program Break Free From Dieting way after group coaching ends, so you can refer back to any lesson or worksheet when needed. 


        • 20 minute 1:1 session with Rachel (valued at $100)
          Have the opportunity to ask your pressing and personal questions in a private 1 on 1 setting.


        • Intuitive Snacking Guide (valued at $29)
          Make snacking practical, easy, and convenient – even on the busiest of days! Includes helpful tips and 25+ easy snack ideas!  

        Limited spots available. This group will be kept intimate to ensure each member gets the support and guidance needed.


        Join and get access to: 


        ✔ (6) 1 hour virtual live group sessions


        ✔ Worksheets to implement each step 


        ✔ Ongoing support via private Facebook group 


        ✔ Unlimited access to online program 


        ✔ 20 minutes 1:1 session with Rachel 


        ✔ Intuitive Snacking Guide

        What clients say about working with Rachel…

        Working with Rachel is a life changing experience. She will slowly challenge your deeply ingrained diet beliefs that you may not even realize exist. She pushed me to think about food and nutrition from a fact based perspective and not from the “thin is best at all costs” perspective that our diet culture perpetuates. She presented her information logically, with scientifically based facts, and with good humor! She has saved me thousands of dollars on future diets that would have failed me and she has provided me with priceless mind space that is no longer being taken up by thoughts of food.

        - Lauren, H.

        Amazing, Rachel really helped improve my relationship with food

        - Dale B.

        Why should you join today?

        Firstly, doors to this small group coaching program are open for a limited time and I don’t know when I will be offering it again. If you’ve been thinking of working together to free yourself of food stresses – now would be a good time to join! 

        Chances are you are here because you know that another diet is not the solution. You are tired of the endless food rules, food guilt, and negative self talk that’s sucking the energy out of the life you deserve to fully live. But… you’re not sure how to break free of dieting and finally be at peace with food, it just feels overwhelming. Or maybe it scares you. Or maybe you feel too alone in this journey. 

        I created this group coaching program to not only teach you HOW you can  have a healthy relationship with food and eat with trust and confidence – within a step by step framework to provide you with the clarity you need. I also created it for women who want support and are ready to support other women who are the same journey as them, who identify and relate with each other’s struggles. Because let me tell you right now – you are not alone! There is something so powerful in having a community to validate you and cheer you on!  

        You don’t need to stay stuck and figure it out on your own!! I’m here to help you achieve a life of food freedom and body peace FASTER! So you can become the expert of your body and live life FULLY in health and happiness – with zero guilt, stress, or deprivation.


        What is the time commitment to this program?

        By joining the group coaching program you are committing to attending 6 live weekly virtual group sessions via zoom. You will also have access to the online program that includes an additional 4 hours of content broken down into a 6 week time line. 

        What if I can't make it live? Will there be a replay?

        You will be able to send in your questions ahead of time and have it answered during the live call. A replay will be sent later that day for you to watch at your convenience.

        How long will the replays be availabe for?

        All replays will be available for you to watch until January 16th after which time they will no longer be available for viewing.

        Can I schedule my 1:1 bonus session with you after the program ends?

        No. This session does not roll over once the program ends. The 20 minute session with Rachel will take place within the last 2 weeks of the program in order to get the most out of it.  It is your responsibility to schedule it accordingly within the given time frame (a link will be provided).

        What if I don't have Facebook?

        Support between sessions is provided exclusively via our private Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook I highly recommend considering opening an account to join the group and get the most out of it. However, if you prefer not to have an account you will still get lots of guidance, support, and clear action steps from our weekly live group sessions and video lessons provided in the online program. 

        What if I've already joined your online program? Can I still join the group coaching?

        You can absolutely join the group coaching even if you are already a member of my online program. The group coaching program will provide you with the opportunity to have live weekly calls with me within a group setting, ask your questions, gain clarity if you need it, and learn from the experience of others. You will also get additional ongoing support between sessions. 

        Is this for me if I have an eating disorder?

        This program does not replace treatment needed for an eating disorder

        Do you gaurantee results?

        I do not guarantee results as the progress you make is directly related to the effort you put in. I provide you with the tools and guidance you need to make that progress, but you need to do the inner work in applying it to your life for the best possible outcomes.

        I am able to live a stress-free life and a much broader life. Food isn’t clouding my vision anymore, neither is it taking energy out of me. Instead, I have the energy and head space to spend time with the people I love and do things that I love.. Reaching out for help can be hard. But Rachel makes it so much easier. She’s so easy to talk to you, she really listens, she knows how to react and what to say and is an incredible motivator to help you face your fears in food and move forward and onward to true freedom of life.

        - Sara, M.

        Join the 6 Week Group Coaching Program! 

        Sessions start December 3rd through January 7th.

        Join and get access to: 


        ✔ (6) 1 hour virtual live group sessions


        ✔ Worksheets to implement each step 


        ✔ Ongoing support via private Facebook group 


        ✔ Unlimited access to online program 


        ✔ 20 minutes 1:1 session with Rachel 


        ✔ Intuitive Snacking Guide

        Limited spots available. This group will be kept intimate so that each member gets the support and guidance needed. 

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