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During our first session we will delve deeper into your health and nutrition history, your past struggles, and current health goals. At this time we will set a nutrition plan of action that works for you.

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We will cointue to have follow-ups sessions to discuss any challenges you encounter, and strategize action steps to help you make progress and reach your health goals.

Dieting got you stressed?

You’ve likely tried dieting before. I know I have… for about half my life. It goes like this: you stick to your restrictive plan you set for yourself, lose some weight, start to feel good. But the restriction, obsessive food thoughts, and guilt you experience if you dare have a cookie breaks you. You start a new diet next week with promises to be “good”, and the vicious dieting cycle continues.

But what if I told you there is a better way where you can free yourself form dieting, enjoy everything you eat, and still live a healthy life?

Because there is! I have learned to free myself from restriction and rediscovered the joy in eating, and I teach my clients the same! And you can learn this, too! Break free from restrictive eating & deprivation and start living your healthiest and happiest life while enjoying ALL foods!

What People Are Saying...


" Rachel provided her knowledge and expertise to customize a plan that was appropriate for my lifestyle and goals. Her recommendations were always simple, affordable, and personalized to me. She never created shame or guilt and it was a pleasure working with a dietitian like her."

Diana -Houston, Texas

" Rachel’s knowledge and understanding of how emotions and food interact was so helpful and informative. Her support and validatidation helped learn what I can do on my health journey. "

Lea -Brooklyn, NY

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Meet Rachel

Hey, there! I’m Rachel, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and lover of roasted veggies and all things cheesecake. Joyful eating is my approach to healthy living and the word diet does not exist in my vocabulary. I teach clients to lose weight and manage chronic disease by creating healthy habits and becoming in-tune with their bodies, skills anyone can learn and implement! Get healthy and happy with sane advice that works in real time.

Available for virtual coaching or in-person sessions at my Brooklyn,NY office location.


Ditch the diet for the healthy &
happy life that you deserve!

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