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Dieting. Been there, done that – and so over it! Are you? Then you have come to the right place!

Hey, there! Thank you for taking the time to be here. Let me start my introducing myself.

I’m Rachel Goodman, RD CDN and the proud owner of Rachel Good Nutrition where I help people make peace with food so they can live a healthy and happy.

At Rachel Good Nutrition I help clients break free of the dieting cycle and find lasting health through coaching, visual handouts, personalized tools & strategies, and more.  I firmly believe in enjoying all foods. Food is what brings us together, food creates memories, food is love.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are tied to food. Like holiday tables filled with roast and gravy, freshly baked challah, and savory potato-filled pastries. Or my grandfather’s pasta, my father’s famous schnitzel, or my mom’s latkes. I still get excited when these foods are around!

But dieting takes that joy away from us. I know because I’ve been there too many times.

I was a chronic dieter up until my early 20s, even as a nutrition student! The restriction, the calorie obsession, the guilt if I ate something off the “plan” turned any exciting event that included food into a stressful one. It also made me gain 20 pounds, the exact opposite of what I wanted.

It was only when I let go of the dieting mindset that I found peace with food and was able enjoy all foods, get to my body’s natural set weight, and no longer stressed out over holidays or weddings, or any other occasion that has lots of food. I now enjoy these times because I’ve learned how to depend on my body’s internal signals to guide me in living a healthy life. And I teach my clients the same.

I’ve taught clients rediscover the joy in eating which leads them to live a healthy balanced life without deprivation or fear of food. They no longer have to “in control”, and instead are “in charge” and feel empowered by their food choices.

And you can live this way too, too! If you are ready to ditch dietiing and make peace with food so you can create a lifestyle that  makes you  healthy & HAPPY then let’s chat! Schedule your FREE mini consultation here.


Let’s get you on your final road to health, without the diet!

In health & happiness, Rachel.

Professional Background

Rachel Goodman is a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She holds a degree in Health & Nutrition Sciences and completed her dietetic internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital. With clinical experience in hospital, long-term care, and one-on-one nutrition coaching, Rachel uses her knowledge and skills, together with her whole-person approach, to help clients reach their health goals.

As a mom of 2 energetic girls she understands the challenges of staying healthy while juggling a busy life. Rachel believes health begins with a good relationship with food and is imperative for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Rachel’s focus is Diabetes, Emotional & Intuitive Eating, and Heart Health. She resides in Brooklyn, NY and is availabe for in-person sessions at her Brooklyn office as well as virtual & phone sessions.

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