Nutrition Services

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Speaking Engagements

Workshops and presentations are an engaging way to learn about health and nutrition. Group settings are a great way to make connections and spread the message of health and wellness. A variety of lectures are available.

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I am truly passionate about collaborating  with people and brands, as well as creating features for media ,to help spread the nutrition message and inspire peope to embark on thier road to health. If you are interested in working together I would love to hear from you!

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Grocery Store Nutrition Tour

You may know about healthy eating but between all the choices at the grocery store and news headlines you find yourself confused what is truly the best buy for your health. Take a 90 minute grocery store tour with me and become an educated consumer and feel like an empowered shopper by learning how to filter through the mumbo-jumbo of food label marketing to confidently make the wisest food choices for your health.

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Nutrition Crash Course

In this one hour session we will break down the foundation of healthy eating to help you easily create nutritionally balanced meals. You will recieve the tools you need, in addition to practical visual handouts, that will help you implement these concepts right away with no fuss or stress. You will also have the opportunity toask any nutrition-related question you may have and get them answered by a nutrition expert.   

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Meal time a struggle with Diabetes?

Get the "How to Eat to Control Your Blood Sugar" guide to simplify meal time, remove the stress, and balance your blood sugar. 

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