Apply to be a member of the 6 week Food Peace Group Coaching Program. 

Limited spots available. Group will be kept intimate to make sure each member gets the support and guidance they need for best possible outcomes.

Session start date: Thursday December 5th. 


Where did you hear about Rachel's Group Coaching Program?

Are you currently struggling with anorexia and/or bulimia? (please note: this program is not for those who need treatment for an eating disorder)

My approach is focused on health rather than weight loss. Are you open to an approach that is not weight focused?

This is a 6 week group coaching program. Sessions will take place weekly on Thursdays at 12pm EST starting December 5th through January 9th. Are you ready (or able) to commit to this time frame?

Early bird price is $400 for the entire program (price is $600 starting Nov. 29). Are you ready and willing to invest in your wellbeing and join the program at this price point?

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