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It’s probably not news to you that eating breakfast is an important meal of the day and should not be skipped. Why? Because:

  1. Breakfast gets your metabolism going to help you burn calories efficiently throughout the day.
  2. You start your day energized and focused by fueling yourself properly.
  3. Breakfast will help prevent overeating later in the day.
  4. Breakfast will help reduce cravings and keep your appetite under control throughout the day – especially if you make sure to have a high protein breakfast.

Okay, so we’ve made it clear why breakfast is important. So what should you be eating for breakfast?

Well, rather than giving you a list I did you one better!

I asked my Dietitian friends to share with me their favorite breakfast recipes. And boy, did they deliver!

You guys are in for a treat… below are 20 Dietitian-approved recipes you can enjoy for breakfast. We’ve got everything from Egg Bake & Quesadilla to Pancakes and Overnight Oats. Get them below!

20 Dietitian Approved Breakfast Recipes

For the Overnight Oats Enthusiasts...

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