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Stop obsessing about food & live the healthy + happy life you deserve!

Working with Rachel is a life changing experience. She will slowly challenge your deeply ingrained diet beliefs that you may not even realize exist. She pushed me to think about food and nutrition from a fact based perspective and not from the “thin is best at all costs” perspective that our diet culture perpetuates. She presented her information logically, with scientifically based facts, and with good humor! She has saved me thousands of dollars on future diets that would have failed me and she has provided me with priceless mind space that is no longer being taken up by thoughts of food.

- Lauren, H.

Imagine a life where  you…

  • Spontaneously go out for ice cream and don’t worry about the calories
  • Wake up in the morning and get dressed with ease without spending an hour criticizing your body. 
  • Go out to dinner with your family and know that you can order whatever you want without fear that you’ll overeat. 
  • Trust yourself to know exactly what your body wants and make it feel amazing. 
  • Stop allowing a number on a scale to define your worth. 
  • Feel at peace with your food, your body, and yourself.

My dear, this CAN be your reality!

I struggled with yo-yo dieting for 15 years from the age of 11 and cycled through obsessing over calories, cutting out carbs, juice ‘detoxes’… the list of food rules goes on and on. All these food rules did was make me more miserable and feel more and more out of control with food. More than anything, my biggest wish was: I wish I didn’t feel at war with food. I wish I can just eat and enjoy food and feel healthy, too!
It was only when I said “No!” to food rules, & learned to lean into my body’s wisdom and give it what it needs that I found food freedom, body confidence, & sustainable health. I no longer worry about calories or feel guilty about enjoying food. I’m able to enjoy ALL foods & nourish myself from a place of trust & self care.

I am able to live a stress-free life and a much broader life. Food isn’t clouding my vision anymore, neither is it taking energy out of me. Instead, I have the energy and head space to spend time with the people I love and do things that I love.. Reaching out for help can be hard. But Rachel makes it so much easier. She’s so easy to talk to you, she really listens, she knows how to react and what to say and is an incredible motivator to help you face your fears in food and move forward and onward to true freedom of life.

- Sara, M.

I now help women rid themselves of food rules & the unhealthy relationship with food that holds them back from a full life and learn to connect to their internal body cues with the Intuitive Eating approach so they can achieve a healthy and happy life. I have created a proven framework to achieve this within my Food Peace Signature Program. 

This program is for women who:

  • want to stop overeating and/or binging
  • want to stop obsessing or fearing their favorite foods 
  • want to enjoy food and never feel guilty about it again
  • want to feel confident in their body and stop yoyo dieting
  • want to achieve sustainable health and learn how to eat nutritiously from a place of self care
  • want to feel at peace with food and their body
  • want to live life FULLY in health and happiness, without food worry and anxiety!

This program is NOT for women who:

  • Have an active eating disorder
  • Are looking for a quick fix or weight loss plan
  • Are not willing to take the time to reflect on their habits and/or what they eat


Rachel is a genuine expert and her knowledge of how food impacts our bodies seriously helped me. I knew about intuitive eating before I worked with her but I still had an unhealthy relationship with food. I never could figure out why I couldn’t sort it out. Meeting with Rachel made it possible for me to understand how to actually apply the principles in my life. I finally feel like my relationship with food is normal and healthy.

- David C.

I had dieted my entire life and it always seemed like a yoyo, I would lose weight and then gain it all back and then some.  Rachel  helped me make positive changes in my lifestyle that helped me overall be healthier. I am sleeping better, I am less stressed and I am not nighttime snacking.  Rachel gave me definitive ways to combat stress and helped me change my thinking. When those factors were dealt with it was much easier to focus on internal cues for hunger and fullness.  She also gave me practical food ideas for snacks, suppers etc. My favorite part of the intuitive eating approach is food is not stressful… Overall I feel healthier both physically and emotionally after using Rachel’s approach.”

- Maya Z.

1:1 VIP Coaching

A highly supportive  4-month coaching program


Initial Session (75 minutes)

I want to get to know YOU- your history with food and eating, your current struggles with food, you likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, health history, and your personality. In our first session together we get to know each other and assess your current mindset around food. During our initial session we will set the foundation for our work together and work through your struggle to figure out where the root of the issue is so we can then begin to address these issues and help you move forward toward a healthy relationship with food and your body

Follow Ups (35 minutes)

We’ll discuss the previous week’s goals and what you feel you have learned or have found as an obstacle to making progress. Each client is individual and follow ups are catered according to your needs and challenges. The goal of follow ups is to help you move forward toward a healthy relationship with food and your body. This means we pinpoint a specific struggle and work through it on our call. I take your progress seriously and encourage you to be active participants in your care by voicing your thoughts throughout our time together so that I can help you make peace with food and body in the way that works best for YOU – this is key to making it sustainable and doable for your life.

Additional Support

I want you to feel as supported as possible. To provide this the program includes:

  • Weekly goal setting: help you set intentions on what you need to work on.
  • Ongoing Messaging Support: for any question or concern between sessions you have access to me, Monday through Friday, so that you feel supported throughout our time together.


This is possible for you…

“Food is just not a struggle anymore! I’ve stopped binging and no longer think or worry about food all day. I’m able to listen to and respect my hunger and fullness cues, eat what I want and enjoy it, and then move on without stressing about it or worrying that it will turn into a binge. It’s kinda crazy, I’ve never experienced this before – to be able to eat without all the worry and stress – it feels so freeing! Thank you, Rachel!”

- Sarah, R.

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Rachel. She has been amazingly supportive and insightful. I feel so much better about myself and my eating, and I am no longer going around and around in the crazy dieting cycle.  I feel that she really listens and gives me very clear action steps to work on between our meetings.”

- Julie S.


What is your approach?

I teach my clients how to make peace with food and eat with trust and joy through Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is an evidenced based approach to health which teaches you how to recognize and honor your hunger, respect your fullness, enjoy all foods without guilt, and how to cope with emotions in a healthy way. Intuitive Eating is essentially the way we are born eating – as children we start out with a healthy relationship with food and know exactly how much we need to eat to nourish ourselves. As we get older we are imposed with more and more food rules that messes up our relationship with, either passed down to us by well-meaning diet-centric parents, the media, the doctor’s office, or diet culture at large. Intuitive Eating helps you reject external rules so you can trust yourself with food again and know how to eat to feel good & nourish your body without stress or worry.

How long is your program?

This program is a 4 month commitment. The purpose of this program is to make meaningful change in your life when it come to eating habits, health, and body image. Meaningful change is not an overnight occurrence. Clients who have the best possible outcomes are those that are committed to giving themselves the time to reflect and apply both the practical and logical part of our work together along with the inner work of changing mindset and removing old diet beliefs. 

Can I work with you just for 1 month?

As mentioned above, meaningful change takes time. Based on my past experience, the best possible outcome happens when you give yourself that time. The current struggles you have likely did not happen over a month or even two. It is likely that you have been struggling with your relationship with food and body for years and that will take time to undo and heal, which is why this program is a 4 month commitment – so you give yourself enough time to do that and are able to see and feel meaningful positive change in your life. 

What are the benefit to Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating has over 100 research studies which have evidence to show that those who eat intuitively have better triglycerides & cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mental health, self esteem, and body image, and lower BMIs vs those who chronically diet.

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not. I can provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement, however, verifying with your insurance that you will be reimbursed and processing the claim will be your resposibility. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you do have an option to do a monthly payment plan.

Why work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

Registered Dietitians have a thorough education in nutrition sciences and are uniquely qualified to give you sound nutrition advice that is evidence based to help you cut through all the nutrition misinformation and fads. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist as it is not a legally protected credential but only Registered Dietitians have completed a minimum of a bachelors degree, an accredited internship, and have taken an accredited exam to be qualified Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. A Dietitian understands that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and helps make healthy living practical for you. Dietitians also have an understanding of chronic diseases as well as the experience and skills to educate and help you implement the changes you need to manage your condition. Overall, Registered Dietitians use their expertise to help you make safe and effective behavior changes that are applicable and work for you and your lifestyle.

“Rachel gave me very concrete goals to work on each week and dove right in to discuss them with me at the start of each session. She really listens to what I tell her I’m going through and gives feedback that shows that she heard me. Her sensible advice and practices have helped me change much of my negative body image issues and really dig down to the root of them!… My eating and body image issues aren’t stemming from my food choices. They were deeply rooted emotional viewpoints which she helped me to unearth and deal with.”

- Davii M.

“Rachel helped me solidify the idea that food is neither good or bad; instead it’s how a particular food might nourish or fuel or satisfy me at that particular moment…. [and] how to better manage my blood sugars. Helping me look for patterns in food, meal consistency, exercise, sleep, and stress that might be affecting my sugar levels. Learning to assess and appropriately react to my cravings has made a big difference in my life… I feel so much more free from the obsessive thoughts about food and the constant pull to eat or eat more that I have experienced for so much of my life. I wish I had found Rachel 20 years earlier, but God’s timing is never wrong! “

- Jennifer R.

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