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Ever skip an event because you don’t like how you look? Do you believe if you were thinner or prettier you’d feel more confident? It’s no wonder women are beauty obsessed given the unattainable beauty standards the media portrays. In today’s episode Renee Engeln is an award-winning professor of psychology at Northwestern University, shares with us how the current beauty obsession came to be, the price women are paying, and how to opt out of this culture so you can live a full life! 

Renee is the author of Beauty Sick: How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women. Her work has appeared in numerous academic journals and at academic conferences, and she speaks to groups across the country. She is regularly interviewed by a variety of national media outlets. Her TEDx talk at the University of Connecticut has more than half a million views on YouTube and she blogs regularly for Psychology Today.

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