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Do you worry that if you have any thoughts of desiring weight loss you will not be able to heal your body image? 

Or worse, you might be undoing the progress you’ve already made? 

This was the fear my client, Amy, shared with me in a recent session. 

She was making great progress in stopping to binge eat and removing food guilt from her food choices. She was learning to accept that her body at her thinnest was not the healthy weight for her because she needed to keep restricting and obsess about food to maintain it and that was not how she wanted to live the rest of her life. 

Yet, this past week, she kept having nagging thoughts of wishing she was back to that thinner body. She feared it meant she was going backward in her healing journey and it was creating a lot of stress that she was doing body image healing ‘wrong’.

In our session, I helped Amy not only overcome this fear, but also set realistic expectations and learn how to navigate bad body image thoughts and days in ways that will help her deepen her healing instead of going backward. 

She left feeling relieved, hopeful, and empowered to continue making progress in her body image healing journey. 

The positive impact our conversation had on Amy inspired this podcast episode where I share with you the insights, mindset shifts, and tools that I gave Amy to feel empowered to heal her body image and better in her own skin (even when weight loss thoughts came up!!). 

In this episode we cover: 

  • The fear Rachel’s client, Amy, had about regressing in her body image healing & how Rachel helped her overcome this fear
  • How to set realistic expectations for your body image healing journey (Rachel does a quick exercise to bring you back to reality on how long the healing journey may take for you)
  • The reason body image healing runs so deep & can take time to fully heal
  • How to use your negative body image thoughts as fuel for healing
  • Can you heal your body image if you still desire weight loss? 
  • How to reframe your thoughts to be more positive in a realistic and BELIEVABLE way (a step by step approach)

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