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Do you feel like all of your struggles with food lead you to believing that you must have a food addiction? 

 I get it. For years I felt the same! I felt like I must be addicted to food because who else would eat copious amounts of food to the point of feeling physically horrible (and sometimes with foods that I wasn’t even enjoying!!)

 And with all the fear mongering media about how sugar is addictive, it’s easy for binge eaters to believe they are food addicts. 

 But… are you??

In today’s episode we dive into the concept of food addiction and dispelling myths around this topic. 

 Registered Dietitian, Marci Evans, an expert in the field of eating disorders and body image healing, who has extensively reviewed the research on food addiction, walks us through that research and what is the real underlying factor that makes so many feel out of control with food – and what you can do to stop feeling this way and heal your relationship with food, effectively!

In this episode we cover: 

  • Why so many people who binge eat so easily believe that they are addicted to food
  • The difference between feeling addicted and being addicted 
  • The neuroscience of addiction (and does food fit that criteria)
  • How to stop feeling addicted to food if you binge eat

As always, once you give it a listen, I’d love to hear your takeaways and feedback! And if you found this episode helpful, I’d so appreciate your support of this podcast by leaving a review. 

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