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I had a Youtuber make a hate video about my account to his 60K+ subscribers. 

People have said to me “I don’t get why so many people follow you.”

A family member told me I’m not a ‘real’ dietitian if I’m not helping people lose weight. 

If you’re scared people will not value your work as an Intuitive Eating Dietitian, I’m gonna shoot straight with ya – you’re right. 

That’s no reason to hold yourself back from showing up and doing this life changing work you were meant to do! 

Don’t let people in the cheap seats have an expensive opinion on your life and determine your value for you! 

If you struggle with feeling enough as a Food Freedom Professional. 

If you doubt yourself and your ability. 

If you fear being judged. 

This podcast episode is for you. 

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I share with you how I overcame my own fears of other people’s opinions and how I address criticism, such as the ones I shared with you above. And more importantly, how you can get out of your own way, build your confidence and show up fully so you can change lives and build the practice and life of your dreams! 


In this episode we cover: 

  • The real reasons you struggle with being judged as a Food Freedom Professional & how to address the fear at its root
  • How I addressed criticism given to me as an Intuitive Eating Dietitian 
  • What you actually need to feel confident in yourself and show up in the face of judgment! 

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