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 When I shared a video of me cruising in my car, jamming to music, and expressing how thankful I am that I faced my fear of driving and am now able to relax and enjoy the ride – I did not expect to have people asking me how I overcame my fear of driving!

Apparently driver’s anxiety is more common than I thought. 

So I’m sharing with you the step by step approach I took to overcome this fear. But really, this approach works for overcoming ANY fear that’s holding you back. 

If you have fears that hold you back from…

🔸 Making peace with food

🔸 Healing your body image

🔸 Building the business of your dreams

 (just a few you may resonate with but it can really be applied to any fear you have!)

 Then this episode is the one you want to listen to as I break down for you how to face your fears in a way that works and take action toward the life you want to live, even when it scares you!


In this episode we cover: 

  • Understanding your anxiety and fear
  • How to motivate yourself to overcome your fears
  • Reducing the perceived risk your brain senses. 
  • Why avoidance makes your fears worse 
  • A doable starting point that keeps you from getting overwhelmed or freaking out

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