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If you’re struggling to climb out of the dark hole that is food rules, stress, guilt, and body shame – my past client’s Jovaughn’s journey is going to show you that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel! 

In this episode, Jovaugh shares with us how she went from fearing carbs, restricting food & feeling guilty all the time for what she ate,  not knowing how to manage her blood pressure, and never feeling good enough in her body to → enjoying all foods without guilt and without losing control, reclaiming her body autonomy and feeling empowered to care for her health in a way that best suits her life and values, and feeling confident and enough in her ‘here and now’ body. 


 We cover: 

  • Using lived experiences to overcome food rules
  • How to opt out of the ‘clean your plate club’ to stop overeating without guilt about ‘food waste’. 
  • Healing your body image when everyone around you is dieting 
  • Knowing your options to manage medical conditions and the power of body autonomy. 
  • How your relationship with food impacts every aspect of your life

Nutrition can be an empowering and joyful part of your life that helps you feel your best! 

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