Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify Is food addiction real? Many women who struggle with their relationship with food believe it is. Registered Dietitian, Marci Evans, walks us through the research on food addiction and what is the real underlying factor that makes so many feel out of control with food – and what you can do to stop feeling this way and heal your relationship with food.  Marci is a Food and Body Imager Healer®. She has dedicated her career to counseling, supervising, and teaching in the field of eating disorders and body image and has spoken nationally and internationally on these topics. In 2015 she launched an online training platform for dietitians and therapists and currently offers 3 self-study courses on the topics of body image, nutrition counseling for eating disorders, and the intersection of disordered eating and digestive health. In 2016 Simmons College recruited Marci and Lisa Pearl to develop a specialized eating disorders dietetic internship track and graduate level coursework. Additionally, she maintains a group clinical practice in Cambridge, MA and loves social media so connect with her online @marciRD on all social media platforms. Guest Resources: Rachel’s Resources:

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