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Intuitive eating may be self-explanatory to some but how can you tell the difference between intuitive eating and impulsive eating? 

When it comes to intuitive eating, there needs to be a connection between pausing and understanding what it means to eat in line with what your body wants, and then consider when it feels chaotic and out of touch with what your body actually needs.  

In today’s episode, I discuss how to recognize the signs between intuitive eating and when eating becomes impulsive and chaotic. I share tools you can implement today to stop impulsive eating and begin thinking from an intuitive eating lens.

In this episode, we cover:

  • [3:56] The differences between intuitive eating and compulsive eating 

  • [6:12] Ways to work through impulsive eating so that you can work your way to being an intuitive eater
  • [10:18] Learning to build up your impulse control skills and training your brain to pause and think before taking action
  • [15:58] How these skills can apply to using eating as an emotional coping mechanism
  • [20:27] Why intuitive eating is possible for anyone and the role awareness plays in understanding why impulsive eating may be occurring

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