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In this episode, I am talking to past client Laura, who shares her experiences with dieting as a young girl and ultimately her journey towards intuitive eating. 

During our discussion, Laura shares how she entered the dieting world at a young age. She explains why she felt the need to diet, how the belief of “thin = health” was reinforced and led her down the rabbit whole of disordered eating and finally ‘hitting a wall’ when she no longer could continue to starve her body and started to feel out of control with food – and how intuitive eating was finally the answer she was looking for to heal her relationship with food, change her eating habits, and improve her health.  

In this episode, we cover:

      • [1:56] Laura shares more about her journey and how she entered the dieting world 
      • [7:01] The turning point of why weight loss was not important
      • [14:03] Intuitive eating as the answer 
      • [20:39] Laura shares when she realized intuitive eating started to work and resonate with her and how she learned to drop her “food rules” 
      • [32:38] The most challenging part about intuitive eating and how to overcome it
      • [42:21] Dealing with doctors, health check ups and actually eating what you want

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