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We are getting close to 2022, and you know what that means. Diet culture is on full blast! As New Year’s inches closer it seems that everyone and their mother is focused on changing their eating habits and their bodies after the holidays “damage”. 

The New Year presents the opportunity for people to jump on the diet bandwagon with the belief that they are changing their life for the better but in reality, it’s just another way diet culture tempts us into feeling inadequate. 

In this solo episode, I am talking about why it’s time you reevaluate your New Year’s goals and why the real message of New Year’s “body goals” is that your thinnest self is the best version of yourself when that isn’t true!! I also explain why focusing on weight loss can pull you further away from living your best life and what to focus on instead that will allow you to be the best, happiest and healthiest version of yourself.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • [2:33] The real message of New Year’s body goals and how it actually erodes your self-esteem and self-worth.
  • [6:06] Your thinnest self is not your best self. Learn how to show up for yourself in ways that will actually serve you, your life, and your health
  • [12:06] Validation of leading your best life is not dependent on body size. New Year’s is just another day – you always have a clean slate every day of every year.
  • [17:49] Choosing a different approach going into the New Year when it comes to living as your best self. 

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