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Do you want to heal your relationship with food and body image but feel like you can’t let go of your desire to lose weight, too? 

In this solo episode, Rachel discusses why it is OKAY to desire weight loss and why  that it does not immediately conflict with healing your body image in your current body size. In fact, acknowledging our desires related to body size can be so helpful in actually healing body image at its core.  

In this episode, we cover:

  • [1:19] Why it’s okay to desire weight loss 
  • [5:43] Where does this desire actually stem from? 
  • [10:24] If weight gain was a result of unhealthy behaviors, how to focus on changing the BEHAVIORS, not the weight itself
  • [15:57] If weight loss is the only thing that you think will improve your life, you are robbing yourself of so many other opportunities that doesn’t depend on your weight 
  • [19:22] Overcome the boulder, while holding space for weight loss desire and living life fully past that

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