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If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your body when exercising, or have ever thought you can’t possibly do XYZ workout because you aren’t ‘fit’ or ‘thin’ enough… This podcast episode is for you!! 

Tiffany Croww, a certified yoga instructor with a size-inclusive approach who will teach you how CAN get moving at ANY size! 

Tiffany shares her own personal body neutrality and healing journey on how she found a happy place within herself, and how yoga was a part of that journey for her. She takes you behind the scenes of her work, how she helps her clients find food freedom and peace with their body, and why she believes yoga is for every BODY. 

I hope you will find comfort and inspiration in Tiffany’s story and walk away feeling empowered to move your body in ways that honor it and feel good! 

In this episode, we cover:

  • [3:49] Tiffany’s journey to food freedom and body peace 
  • [9:27] The lack of representation of larger bodies in the yoga space
  • [22:40] The deeper concerns that Tiffany’s clients typically have
  • [24:38] Prompts that Tiffany walks her clients through to help them work through body image struggles
  • [26:54] Why you need to go through the struggle in order to overcome it
  • [30:47] The struggles that clients approach Tiffany with and how she helps them work through it
  • [37:16] The physical limitations that Tiffany finds larger bodied yoga students generally have and the solutions she provides
  • [43:49] What yoga is actually about and the health benefits you gain from it at every size
  • [51:46] The number one thing Tiffany wants women to know about yoga and their body

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