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Several weeks ago, I was a guest on my friend and therapist, Rachelle Heinemann’s podcast, Understanding Disordered Eating, where she presented common client struggles and questions for me to address.

We also dive into various topics like why personal experience isn’t enough to become a registered intuitive eating dietitian. We talk about why intuitive eating is an evidence-based practice, why it challenges many people, and what it has to do with rewiring your brain. I also answer some common questions regarding how you know if you have a binge eating problem, how you know if you’re eating enough, and if you should really avoid eating unless you’re hungry.

If you’re ready to redefine what health means for yourself and your unique body and reclaim food freedom, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, we cover:

  • [5:00] My journey with intuitive eating and why I became an intuitive eating dietitian
  • [14:54] Why my personal experience isn’t enough to do the work I do 
  • [18:06] Why intuitive eating challenges many people 
  • [20:23] Can you rewire your brain and how much does intuitive eating have to do with it? 
  • [24:11] Why we binge and how to know if we’re eating enough 
  • [32:41] Should I not eat unless I’m hungry? 
  • [38:21] Why you need to redefine what health means for yourself  

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