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What is Baby Led Weaning and how can it help prevent picky eaters and encourage your child to grow up to be a healthy balanced eater who has a healthy relationship with food? 

We answer all of this and more in today’s episode with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  Megan McNamee who specializes in maternal and child nutrition. Megan shares what baby-led weaning is, some of the common misconceptions about it, and the benefits that come from it. 

Megan also addresses some common concerns such as the fear of your baby choking and important topics such as offering advice for moms who are facing food limitations during the process of baby-led weaning, how to navigate conversations with people who might not be open to the idea of baby-led weaning, and how to take your first steps with the process.

Whether you’re a new mom or are raising a little one for the 5th time (or have a niece or nephew you know can benefit from this!), you’ll find this episode super helpful in raising a healthy happy eater from the start!

In this episode, we cover:

  • [5:02] What is baby-led weaning?
  • [9:10] Common misconceptions about baby-led weaning
  • [11:40] How to address the concerns of your baby choking
  • [14:12] How to help children foster and maintain their internal cues
  • [17:29] How to trust that your baby will figure out how much they need to eat
  • [19:55] What should parents be feeding their babies during baby-led weaning
  • [25:26] How this approach can be helpful in preventing children from becoming picky eaters
  • [31:55] Advice for people who are facing food limitations during baby-led weaning
  • [35:11] Reasons why moms reach out to Megan for help with baby-led weaning
  • [39:12] How to navigate conversations with people who might be against baby-led weaning
  • [41:43] How to take your first steps with baby-led weaning

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