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One of the most common questions I receive is “how do I eat intuitively while managing my GI issues?” Maintaining food freedom while figuring out your GI and IBS symptoms can be very tricky.

In today’s episode we dive into this topic with Registered Dietitian, Alyssa Lavy who specializes in IBS and GI management and has helped many clients manage their IBS symptoms while maintaining food freedom. We have a nuanced conversation all about understanding IBS and where it sits in the gray area of nutrition. We talk through how to actually know if it’s foods that are causing your symptoms, or are there other factors to consider as well as the overlap of IBS and disordered eating. Alyssa also explains the FODMAPS diet and where it can be helpful and harmful.

This is an important conversation for anyone who has an official IBS or GI diagnosis. However, it shouldn’t be missed if you aren’t officially diagnosed as well. If you struggle with GI distress, listen to this episode as Alyssa shares her expertise, as well as some helpful management tips so that you can maintain food freedom, eat intuitively, and manage any GI symptoms you might have.


In this episode, we cover:

  • [12:03] How Alyssa got into her field 
  • [14:18] What is IBS and what are some clear signs of IBS?
  • [17:06] How to know if it’s food or how you feel about food that’s causing your symptoms
  • [23:32] The overlap in IBS and disordered eating 
  • [26:40] Do GI issues or disordered eating come first? 
  • [28:22] What is FODMAPS and where can it be helpful or harmful 
  • [36:05] What’s the max that someone should be doing FODMAPS (IF they are a candidate) 
  • [39:26] How to find out what is actually giving you your symptoms
  • [47:44] Are your symptoms a result of your stress around the food or is it the actual food? 
  • [51:27] How to modify your trigger foods and maintain food freedom

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