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If you’re navigating your journey through healing your relationship with food and body image, family gatherings and holiday celebrations can be a very triggering time if those close to you haven’t gotten off the dieting train yet.  

You may be surrounded with loved ones who hold on to generational beliefs regarding body image, too, and who don’t respect your boundaries around diet talk. 

In this episode, Robin Gutman, a licensed mental health clinician who specializes in trauma and relationships, joins us to share her wisdom on establishing safety and boundaries during these situations as well as techniques to stay grounded and not spiral into triggers, so you can enjoy your holiday and family gatherings more. 

We discuss what trauma really means, how to navigate holiday and family meals with family members who might still subscribe to diet culture, how to create a safe space internally in those environments, and how to practice mindfulness in an incredibly distracting environment.

Whether you are celebrating the holiday of Shavuot or heading out to a family dinner, if you find yourself getting triggered at family or friend gatherings (or worry that you will!), this episode will help you feel prepared and empowered during these times. 


In this episode, we cover:

  • [6:53] What does trauma really mean and what differentiates it from a really bad experience?
  • [8:40] The signs and symptoms of traumatic experiences and the behaviors and thought patterns that can come from that
  • [14:27] How to navigate holiday and family meals with family members who might still subscribe to diet culture
  • [21:53] How to create a safe space internally when you aren’t able to physically remove yourself from your environment
  • [32:21] Why it’s always important to be aware of generational cycles
  • [34:32] Tips for communicating boundaries with those closest to you
  • [41:18] How to practice mindfulness with food in a distracting environment

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