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If you’ve lived in diet culture for any length of time, then you are familiar with the yo-yo cycle. 

Even though you know it’s probably not the best thing for you (it hasn’t worked the last 10 times, has it?), it’s hard to resist when every turn you go you see promises of weight loss attached with the dream life you’re made to believe you’ll get as a result. 

You might think… what’s the harm in trying just ONE more new diet? Maybe this one will be the one that you will finally be able to stick to and will get you results. 

Have you ever stopped to consider what’s happening to your body when you live in this cycle?

It is not harmless. Diets are actually damaging to your body and health. 

In today’s episode with Elaina Efird, a Registered Dietitian who specializes in metabolic testing, we discuss what dieting actually does to your body and how to opt out of this vicious cycle so you can focus on your health and peace of mind. 

You’ll understand the science of what is happening inside your body when you start and end a diet, how the normal cycles of life affect weight, the importance of evaluating the nutrition advice you take from social media (and how to filter through the red flags!), and why it’s good for your health to throw out all the food rules and actually to enjoy your food!


In this episode we cover:

  • [3:30] How Elaina got into dietetics and working with eating disorder patients
  • [6:30] The science behind macronutrients and why carbs are not the enemy
  • [10:16] Elaina dispels myths around the newer trends in diet culture
  • [14:02] Advice on how to evaluate social media nutrition trends and when its a red flag of disordered eating
  • [18:51] Why it’s normal to gain weight in your 20s
  • [21:40] The nuance that’s involved in evaluating weight gain and weight loss
  • [25:30] What happens to your body physiologically when you remove too many calories or nutrient
  • [28:58] Understanding a weight loss plateau & set weight point
  • [30:42] What happens to your metabolism and muscle mass when you have a caloric deficit
  • [32:56] How to reverse the damage done by dieting
  • [34:34] The relationship between stopping to binge eat and your weight
  • [37:38] Elaina’s advice on body image issues that inevitably come up when healing your relationship with food


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