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If you’ve ever been curious about the power of manifesting (or doubting the concept, chalking it up to ‘woo-woo’ vibes), this episode is for you. 

When you look for all the reasons that your dream won’t work: that’s what you will find. 

There is strength to be found in continuing to follow your aligned path, even when you can find all the reasons that the timing isn’t perfect.  

You don’t need to know exactly how your dreams are going to become reality in your life. Keep taking messy aligned action toward being in the place where that can become part of your reality.

But is it worth the risk? I believe that a life half-lived is scarier than taking the risk to try. 

I’m sharing my story of moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey with its many twists and turns and imperfect timing to encourage you to continue to be open to the possibilities.

If you’ve been wondering if there’s any power in the manifestation sphere or how to do it – my move is full of why it is powerful and how to use the power of manifestation into reality – along with some myth busting on manifestation is and isn’t. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • [0:41]  The background about our move from Brooklyn to New Jersey.
  • [5:21]  The point where I aligned my values with how I operated in my business and the steps we took in abundance to make my childhood visualization come true.
  • [8:06]  The conversation with my mindset coach that prompted my messy aligned actions.
  • [15:22]  How I learned to stop looking for perfection while figuring it out.
  • [16:47]  The whirlwind of finding a new home and giving birth and what I’ve learned about seasons and being uncomfortable while chasing your dreams.
  • [23:30]  How focusing on “I will figure this out” helped me through uncertainty and quieted anxiety.
  • [26:15]  Actionable steps to take to manifest your dreams. 

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