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You may have heard this before about a million times: “It’s NORMAL for your body to change!!”

But it also may not FEEL normal. Especially when your body is not only changing in its physical appearance – but also experiencing symptoms that leave you feeling like you are not yourself anymore.

Welcome to the journey of menopause. 

And when I say welcome – I’m not just talking to the 45+ year old women. I’m talking to all women! Yes, even if you are 25!

I believe that the more you are informed about your body, what’s normal, what isn’t and how to best navigate challenges that come – the calmer and more empowered you feel when you go through it.

Which is why I’m excited to share with  you my interview with our guest expert, Jenn Huber. 

Jenn is a registered dietitian with an expertise in perimenopause and menopause.

Jenn’s menopause journey started earlier than most – when she was still in her 30s!!! Through her own story of struggle and triumph she now helps other women navigate this season in life in a way that leaves them feeling excited and empowered to care for their body in place of confusion, fear, or defeat – without restriction, negative self talk or dieting.

In this episode we cover: 

  • How to identify signs and symptoms of perimenopause and its onset
  • How to set your expectations of what your menopause journey might look like 
  • Navigating body changes that come with menopause
  • Understanding the hormonal shift that is happening in a woman’s body during this time
  • What is hormone replacement therapy and is it the best option for you
  • Simple and practical nutrition tips to reduce perimenopause symptoms 

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