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You are more than your job title. More than just what you choose to do. You have layers to your personality, struggles, and triumphs.

The question is… are you allowing ALL of you to be seen and expressed? Or are you keeping yourself locked inside of a box that you created for yourself?

Over the past year I have found myself craving MORE than being the “Intuitive Eating Dietitian”, but kept myself caged inside the box I imposed on myself. And it wasn’t feeling good.

I’ve finally given myself permission to evolve and grow in directions outside of what I’ve usually done or what I’m usually ‘known for’, even if it’s unfamiliar territory. Even if it’s messy.

Because it feels aligned. And it feels GOOD! And that’s what this new chapter is all about!!

I hope that you will give yourself permission to evolve and grow alongside me.

I’m sharing with you what walking The Aligned Path looks like for me in this season and how I hope it inspires you to do the same!

If you’ve been holding yourself back from pursuing the dreams and goals you know are meant for you, but are just too scared to take action, either because of your own limiting beliefs or you worry about what others might think – this episode is for you!

In this episode, we cover:
[0:44] What has prompted the changes to the podcast
[4:30] The power of giving yourself permission to evolve and what Rachel is learning as she opens this new chapter
[7:21] The freedom that comes from cutting out the noise from limiting beliefs
[8:51] The one thing that helped shift the balance for Rachel when confronting her own limiting beliefs
[11:35] The importance of pursuing purpose-alignment, even when it means stepping outside of your comfort zone
[13:03] What you can expect from this space moving forward


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