Secrets to Stop Overeating & Binging

A FREE 3 Day Crash Course to help you stop binging and start living!

Do you struggle with overeating or binge eating? 

You don’t need to keep living in fear of food. You don’t need to keep putting the foods you love off-limits because you can’t trust yourself to eat in amounts that feel good to your body and move on. You don’t need another diet to “discipline” you into eating well – that’s actually making your problem worse!

There is another way to stop your unhealthy eating behaviors – and I want to share it with you!

Why I created this FREE course for you! 

For years I felt stuck in the diet – binge – diet cycle. I was a foodie who had a love-hate relationship with food! I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to just eat 1 cookie and move on without eat another 10! I blamed myself and lack of willpower.


On my journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, thousands of dollars spent, and years of figuring it out – I came to understand WHY I counted stop overeating, what I need to do to stop this eating behavior and how to enjoy food again without worry of a binge! And now I want to teach you the same!


In 3 days you’ll know the secret, too! So you can stop over eating and start nourishing your body in a way that feels good to you – without sacrificing the foods you love!


Join the hundreds of others who have taken this free course and get started asap – so you can stop binging and start living!

What people are saying…

“This course provides guidance and support on how to better understand your body. The worksheets deepen the impact of the course so that you can actually make strides in overcoming these difficult behaviors and beliefs.”

- Debbie

“This course was everything I wanted and more! I love Rachel’s casual style of presenting information. It feels like you are chatting with a girlfriend while at the same time getting some super helpful information. There were several “a-ha!” moments for me, and I am looking forward to incorporating what I’ve learned into my daily life.”

- Lori

“I loved the length and the information was really complete. I really felt that I got true help.”

- Lisa

“It’s so clear that Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and is so focused on helping her clients treat themselves kindly and gently, rather than from a place of judgement and aggression.”

- Jessica

It helped me focus on healthy messages that allow me to take care of my eating in a way that takes care of my body physically in a healthy emotional manner that makes me feel more able to expand my life rather than dieting which created a more limiting experience in most of areas of my life.

- Rivka

“This course from Rachel Goodman hit home. It felt encouraging and hopeful. I found, that although it specifically spoke about binging prevention, it really included so much more about food rules, that it was relatable to many other aspects of food consumption as well. Thank you.”

- Jillian

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