Want to enjoy your favorite foods without guilt or feeling out of control?

My 4-month IntuEATive Living Group Coaching program will give you the step by step framework you need to eat with trust and confidence – so you can enjoy food again and FEEL GOOD, too!

Picture this…

One day, you will:

  • Wake up in the morning and eat any breakfast you want without worrying about the calories. 
  • Plan a night out with the girls and know that you can order whatever you want without fear that you’ll overeat. 
  • Trust yourself to know exactly what your body needs to feel amazing. 
  • Look in the mirror on your way to an event and feel good in your own skin. 
  • Stop allowing a number on a scale to define your worth. 
  • Feel at peace with your food, your body, and yourself.

My dear, this life of freedom & peace is possible and it’s within your reach

Rachel has broken down my existing relationship with food and then showed me how to rebuild it in a healthy way and a way which served me. I’m finally off the dieting-binge eating carousel! I don’t feel guilty about what I eat. I feel like I’ve been freed and it’s incredible. 

- Hailey, B.

Does this cycle feel familiar to you? 

Isn’t dieting exhausting?! All those food rules to follow. All that brain space and obsession over eating the “perfect meal”. All that “willpower” you need. Only to feel like a complete failure when you indulge in a “guilty pleasure” – and then you start the cycle all over again. 

I mean, when did eating get so complicated?!

You are amazing and you deserve to see that in yourself. You’ve worked hard for all the good things in your life, you deserve to enjoy all of what you have accomplished and all the experiences that life has to offer without having it be overshadowed by food guilt, obsessing over what you eat, and body shaming yourself. 

After years of “unsuccessful” diets, have you ever considered that the diet is the problem, and the diets have failed. Not you. 

What if you choose to leave your diets behind and discover real health and happiness? What if you could live the life you deserve while eating the foods that you love? 

 You best believe you CAN.

In 4 months you will walk away with…

Let go of dieting rules and reconnect to your body’s wisdom so you eat in ways that best serve you – without all the food rules, stress, and micromanaging!

How to remove fear from your favorite foods and stop spiraling into chaotic eating behaviors so you can  make food choices with confidence and enjoy all foods!

Remove negative self talk about your  body and set a foundation of self care and compassion so you live the healthy and happy life you deserve.

This program is for women who:

  • Fear eating “off limits” foods & going out of control
  • Are stuck in all-or-nothing thinking and good vs. bad extremes. 
  • Struggle with food guilt and obsess over what they eat.
  • Have a negative body image or engage in negative self talk.
  • Want to lead a healthy life but feel confused by all the nutrition noise out there

This program is NOT for women who:

  • Desperate for a quick fix or looking for a weight loss plan
  • Diagnosed with an active eating disorder in which case please seek professional medical help.
  • Not willing to take the time to reflect on what you eat and why.
  • Not ready to create meaningful change to step into the full potential of your life.


This is possible for you, too…

What’s Included

Two (2) 90 minute group calls per month

 where we will review the topic of the week → to give you a deeper understanding of intuitive eating and how to apply in a way that WORKS for your life, as well as have hot seat coaching so you have the clarity you need to move forward into your week with trust and confidence. 

One (1) 45 minute 1:1 session with me per month

so you have the opportunity to discuss anything personal that comes up and → set personalized goals to keep you focused and feeling empowered without the stress. 


Supportive Community

A private group chat between calls Monday through Friday for → additional ongoing support, accountability, and community with like minded women on the same journey as you! 

Plus! Get Access to these Awesome Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Unlimited Access to Online Program

(Value of $1200)

Continue to have unlimited access way after group coaching ends so you can refer back to any lessons or worksheets when needed – includes all bonuses and future updates.

Bonus #2

Intuitive Snacking Guide!

(Value of $29)

How to make snacking practical, easy, and convenient – while being mindful and intuitive – even on the busiest of days! Includes helpful tips and 25+ easy snack ideas!


Bonus #3

Positive Mind Switch Journal!

(Value of $29)

Daily prompts to help you cultivate a positive food and body image mindset and environment!


Group Coaching Dates:

Next group starts January 2022. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens + access to an exclusive waitlist bonus!

*if you can’t make a class, you can send in your question/concern and a replay will be sent

Group Members receive: 

A 4 month framework & support to:

  • Stop fearing the foods you love and enjoy them in amounts that feel good with trust!
  • Stop hating your body and feel good in your skin
  • Feel confident in your food choices and what actual nutritious eating should look and feel like to you

Plus these essential bonuses:

  • Unlimited Access to Online Program (valued at $1200)
    You’ll have access to my online program Break Free From Dieting way after group coaching ends, so you can refer back to any lesson or worksheet when needed. 


  • Positive Mind Switch Journal (valued at $29)
    Daily prompts to help you cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body. 
  • Intuitive Snacking Guide (valued at $29)
    Make snacking practical, easy, and convenient – even on the busiest of days! Includes helpful tips and 25+ easy snack ideas!  

What clients say about working with Rachel…

Working with Rachel is a life changing experience. She will slowly challenge your deeply ingrained diet beliefs that you may not even realize exist. She pushed me to think about food and nutrition from a fact based perspective and not from the “thin is best at all costs” perspective that our diet culture perpetuates. She presented her information logically, with scientifically based facts, and with good humor! She has saved me thousands of dollars on future diets that would have failed me and she has provided me with priceless mind space that is no longer being taken up by thoughts of food.

- Lauren, H.

Rachel has given me my life and joy back. I feel that I’ve confronted some really uncomfortable things I thought was true with help and non judgement. I learned about nutrition in a safe way. This was what I needed in my intuitive eating journey. I trust myself and that is the best gift I could have ever received.

- Vanessa K.

Why should you join today?

Firstly, enrollment to this intimate and highly supportive group coaching program only opens 3 times a year. Once the doors close it will not be available again until May 2022. I am capping this group at 6 women to ensure that each client gets the time and attention she needs. If you’ve been thinking of working together to free yourself of food stresses – now would be a good time to join! 

Chances are you are here because you know that another diet is not the solution. You are tired of the endless food rules, food guilt, and negative self talk that’s sucking the energy out of the life you deserve to fully live. But… you’re not sure how to break free of dieting and finally be at peace with food, it just feels overwhelming. Or maybe it scares you. Or maybe you feel too alone in this journey. 

I created this group coaching program to not only teach you HOW you can  have a healthy relationship with food and eat with trust and confidence – within a step by step framework to provide you with the clarity you need. I also created it for women who want support and are ready to support other women who are the same journey as them, who identify and relate with each other’s struggles. Because let me tell you right now – you are not alone! There is something so powerful in having a community to validate you and cheer you on!  

You don’t need to stay stuck and figure it out on your own!! I’m here to help you achieve a life of food freedom and body peace FASTER! So you can become the expert of your body and live life FULLY in health and happiness – with zero guilt, stress, or deprivation.

You don’t have to do it alone! What having support looks like…


What is the time commitment to this program?

This is a 16-week commitment. Your struggles with food and body image did not happen overnight. Set yourself a realistic expectation to overcome them by committing to giving yourself enough time to work through these struggles. 

What if I can't make it live? Will there be a replay?

You will be able to send in your questions ahead of time and have it answered during the live call. The replay will be added to your membership and you can watch it later at your convenience. 

How long will the replays be available for?

You will have unlimited access to viewing them at your convenience

Where will the group chat take place?

Support between sessions is provided exclusively via our private group chat on slack. It is a simple app that allows you to easily text from your phone and get the ongoing support you need. 

What if I've already joined your online program? Can I still join the group coaching?

You can absolutely join the group coaching even if you are already a member of my online program. The group coaching program will provide you with the opportunity to have  calls with me within a group setting, ask your questions, gain clarity if you need it, and learn from the experience of others. You will also get additional ongoing support between sessions. 

Is this for me if I have an eating disorder?

This program does not replace treatment needed for an eating disorder

Do you gaurantee results?

I do not guarantee results as the progress you make is directly related to the effort you put in. I provide you with the tools and guidance you need to make that progress, but you need to do the inner work in applying it to your life for the best possible outcomes.

It was amazing to see how my mindset shifted. My attitude towards my body used to be really poor… I dreaded looking in the mirror… I have more compassion for myself and I have learned to accept my body and even appreciate it! I now believe that dieting isn’t the cure. This takes a tremendous pressure off of me. I’m eating foods that I haven’t eaten in years! I am not worried anymore when I eat away from home if there will be the “right” foods available for me. That makes life a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. 

- Rena, L.

Join the IntuEATive Living Group Coaching Program! 

Next group starts January 2022. Join Waitlist to be the first to know!


Join and get access to: 


✔ Bi-weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions

✔ Monthly 1:1 deep dive coaching session with Rachel

✔ Ongoing support via private group chat

✔ Unlimited access to online course

✔ The Positive Mind Switch Journal

✔ Intuitive Snacking Guide


Limited to 6 spots. This group will be kept intimate so that each member gets the support and guidance needed.

Transform your relationship with food, change your LIFE! Let’s do it, dear! You deserve it!

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