The Nourished Mom Summit

A 3 day online event to educate, inspire, and empower women to live their best and most nourished life – mind, body and soul.

Guest Expert Information

Hi! I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about the Nourished Mom Summit and being a part of it.

I look forward to teaming up with you on what is going to be an incredible experience and resource for moms! Below I have shared all details about the summit, how it works, and what your part in it would entail. I’ve included as much details as possible so that you know what to expect. Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any further questions.

The Nourished Mom Summit – How it works

The Nourished Summit is a 3-day virtual event that will take place from May 11-13, 2020

It’s purpose is to empower and educate moms on how they can live healthy, happy, purposeful life – while also growing the reach and success of each Guest Expert participating in the summit. 

Each Guest Expert will bring valuable and actionable information that will help moms not only live a healthy life but a meaningful one, too.

There will be 15 guest speakers and 3 recipes in the event. You will get free access to the membership site after the summit where you can watch the interviews anytime for life!

Format-wise, the summit interviews will be grouped into 3 separate pages (5 interviews per day + 1 recipe), one available each day. Each page will be taken down after 24 hours at 9am EST and the next day will be available in its place. 

Each guest expert is encouraged to share a lead magnet along with their interview so that during the summit attendees can choose to sign up and opt in to receive their free resource, thereby giving each guest expert the opportunity to grow their audience and email list in an authentic way

What Is Needed From Guest Expert

  • A 30 to 40 minute interview via zoom video chat
  • Headshot 
  • Bio / presentation blurb
  • Spelling of name and credentials to include
  • Instagram and Website links
  • Lead magnet (if you’d like registrants to sign up and grow your email list).


Your presence as a speaker is not required during the event as your interview will be pre-recorded at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Interviews are expected to be 30 – 40 minutes long via zoom video chat. 

Interviews will be scheduled via acuity scheduling link (which will be provided by Summit Host) where you can select a date to be interviewed. If none of the times provided work for you we will work out a time that does. 

As mentioned above, you are encouraged to include a link to a lead magnet in a button next to your video during the summit so you can build your own list. 

The purpose of the interview is to provide value and actionable steps related to your area of expertise.


The power of this summit comes from a group of experts coming together for a single purpose: to help moms across the globe live their happiest, healthiest, most nourished life. When we work as a team to promote the summit there is a benefit to everyone involved.

Therefore, all guest experts will be encouraged to share on social media and to email their list during the promotion period. Sharing this summit as a free resource with your audience will not only bring them value, but the combined power of 15+ separate audiences benefits all of us since the more traffic we all draw in, the more everyone’s businesses grow, and the more impact and reach there will be! 

I understand promoting takes time, which is why 3 weeks before the summit you will be provided with an email copy template that you can choose to use to email your list with, as well as graphics to easily share on social media

I will be taking care of all paid ad expenses to further the reach of the summit. 

Affiliate Opportunity

All speakers will receive a shareable affiliate link, encouraging visitors to sign up for their free ticket to the summit. All attendees will be able to watch the interviews for free for 24 hours before they’re taken down at 9am EST each day.

All registrants will be invited to upgrade to the All-Access Pass, which gives them lifetime access to the interviews in a membership site. The price will be $27 before the summit, $47 during the summit and $67 after.

Speakers who make sales of this All-Access Pass with their affiliate link will receive 50% commission after the summit.

Benefits of Being a Guest Expert

  • Continue to position yourself as a leader and expert in your field. Each interview will be focused on a unique topic, there will not be repetition, which will position each guest as the expert in that field.
  • Extend your reach and exposure to a larger audience. 
  • Grow your email list and business while creating meaningful impact in the lives of women across the globe.

Next Steps

If this all sounds good to you, please let me know (you can either reply to my email or email me at and I will send you the Guest Expert Agreement to sign. Once that is complete I will then send you the scheduling link to set up a time for our interview.   

I look forward to having you be a part of this awesome event! And don’t hesitate to email with any questions you may have.

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