Nutrition Coaching

“I just want to eat whatever I want without having to worry about it”

“I don’t even know what to eat anymore”

“I just want to feel normal around food”

I hear you, in fact, these are the first words clients tell me when we first meet. Over and over. Thankfully, I have a solution. But it’s not what you think. It is NOT a diet.

I help people learn how to trust themselves around food so they no longer have to fear food or feel out of control around food. So eating comes naturally and not something to worry about. Because figuring out how to eat shouldn’t be that difficult. 

Eating should be easy!

I work with clients to teach them how to regain the skills they were born with. How to reclaim the intuitive eater within them. How to recognize and depend on their internal cues for decision making. How to find peace with food and make food choices that will empower them.

I’m on a mission to help people achieve true health – one that not only takes your physical health into account, but also your emotional and mental health.

End the war on food today!

You deserve a healthy and happy life, one that doesn’t require constant rules and regulation, one that does not revolves around what you can and cannot eat. So you can instead live a life where food enhances the experiences of life, without the fear or stress.

What Happens At Nutrition Sessions

I offer 1-on-1 nutrition sessions that are catered to your individual needs!

In our initial session will get to know each other. We will get deep into your history with dieting, your health history, your past & current struggles, and fears you may have around food and your weight.

At our follow-ups I will continue to help you move forward on your journey to peace with food and finding a healthy balance. We will talk about your challenges and how you can overcome them through conversation, helpful exercises, handouts, and goals setting.

First Step: Book Your Free Session!

Ready to make peace with food and find lasting health? Or perhaps you have a few questions before you take that step? In both cases you can book your free session (click here) where we will discuss your current struggles and how I can help.

Virtual Sessions Make Appointments Convenient for You!

Don’t live in NY? Can’t make it to a session in-person? No problem! I can meet you wherever you are!

Virtual and phone sessions save you travel time and make our sessions convenient for you!

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Let’s talk about your current health and nutrition struggles and how I can help you.

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