I almost didn’t post this recipe because the picture is erking the hell out of me! ⁠

I can’t help but notice how crooked and uneven I cut these Pecan Pie Fig Bars. Make no mistake. They are DELICIOUS, but I cringe at how I cut them. ⁠

Of course I doubt most people will notice. Isn’t that how so much of our life is like? ⁠

We are convinced all our flaws are so obviously seen and in reality – no really cares, at least not nearly as much as you do!⁠

We are own worst critics and we gotta let that inner mean girl go because when you choose to show up for life in all your glory as you are, life is so much better! ⁠

I mean, imagine if I didn’t post this recipe because of a picture that I didn’t think was up to standard? You’d all miss out on a really awesome recipe! 

Cut unevenly or not – they are amazing and that’s what you’ll remember when you make ’em! ⁠

Anyway, my point is that people will notice and remember how you made them feel at the end of the day. Not what you looked like or how ‘perfect’ you are (or not -cuz really, that doesn’t exist). So just show up. Give the world what you have to offer because trust me, you have so much amazingness to give in this exact moment – exactly as you are. ⁠

Okay, now for real – here’s the recipe for these Pecan Pie Fig Energy Bars that were gone FAST when I made them (and I’m sure yours will be, too).

Pecan Pie Fig Energy Bars


  • 5 dried figs (use Smyrna figs)
  • 2 cups raw pecans
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Extra pecans for topping
  • Optional: white chocolate, melted


  1. Remove stem from tops of figs
  2. Place figs, pecans, salt, and vanilla extract in food processor and blend until mixture can hold together into a ball.
  3. Pour mixture into a lined 8×8 pan and press down so its evenly spread.
  4. Press on top 4 pecans across and 4 pecans down (so you have a total of 16 pecans for each bar you will slice)
  5. Place in freezer for 2 hours. Slice into 16 pieces.
  6. Optional: drizzle with white chocolate. Store in freezer.

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