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Rachel Goodman is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the host of More Than What You Eat, a podcast dedicate to helping women ditch the diet, heal their relationship with food, foster a positive body image, and nourish their body with trust.

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Ep 26 The Myth of Willpower & Weight Loss

Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify Do you believe that if you just had enough willpower you would lose the weight for good? Stop the self blaming! In this episode Rachel walks you through the limitations of willpower when it comes to health and body...

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Ep 23 How to Meal Plan without Dieting with Talia Koren

Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify Does meal planning feel like dieting to you? It doesn’t have to be! Talia Koren, founder of Work Week Lunch, a blog and digital meal plan subscription that helps thousands of people all over the world master meal...

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Ep 21 How to Become a Confident Eater with Stephanie Webb

Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify If you’ve been following diets for a while, you may have lost your confidence and feel completely confused and overwhelmed as how to eat well in a world that is obsessed with food rules. In today’s episode,...

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Ep 20 Are You Setting Realistic Expectations?

  Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify Letting go of dieting is hard. In this episode Rachel walks you through how to set realistic expectations for yourself and make faster progress toward a healthy relationship with food and your body. Rachel’s...

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Ep 18 How to Stop Feeling Judged for What You Eat

Subscribe and listen on: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify Does eating out with family or friends stress you out because you feel self conscious about what you order? Do you get judged on your food choices. In this episode, Rachel Goodman discussed how to stop feeling like...

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Hey, nice to meet you!

I’m Rachel, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of 2. I love roasted veggies and all things cheesecake. Joyful eating is my approach to healthy living and the word diet does not exist in my vocabulary. I teach clients to trust themselves with all foods and know how to eat in a way that feels good to them – so they can live their healthiest, happiest life without the stress, worry, or food guilt.

Because eating should be easy and joyful!

Learn more about my online courses and
how it can help you live your best life. 

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