Food Freedom for Professionals

 A 3-month mentorship program to help you coach your clients to food freedom and body peace with clarity and CONFIDENCE!

**Provides RDs with 18 CPEUs

Imagine the lives you’d change if you started showing up and coaching with CONFIDENCE…

Imagine feeling confident in your ability to help your clients (or future clients) that share with you how an unhealthy relationship with food has stolen the joy in their life. 

Think about what it would feel like to approach your sessions with clarity and KNOW that you can help your clients effectively make peace with food and heal their body image, even when they feel stuck. 

You no longer doubt yourself or feel overwhelmed, you know what to do and your client feels safe with you. 

You get to change lives every day and live in alignment with your values and purpose!

My dear, stop imagining because this IS what you are are capable of. You CAN change lives, and you will!

This program exceeded my expectations. Rachel gave me the tools and broke each concept down so that I could help guide others in implementing Intuitive Eating. I felt that each time I asked a question, I received a thoughtful and helpful response. I’m proud of joining the Mentorship Program for Food Freedom Professionals. Prior to this course I knew I wanted to teach others how to eat intuitively, but I lived in fear that I couldn’t effectively do this because all I’ve been taught in college is that weight loss is the answer. I felt overwhelmed, and like I was going to do something wrong by teaching others how to eat intuitively. Now, I have the tools I need to help coach and guide others, and I don’t fear that I will do something wrong because I have the word tracks to use if I’m not 100% confident in how to respond to something. This program has allowed me to feel confident in my abilities and believe in myself.” 

– Tiffany

Tell me if this sounds like you… 

You know diets don’t work and you are no longer willing to continue putting clients on a diet. You want to help them have a healthy relationship with food but you…

  • Are not confident enough to practice the Intuitive Eating approach with your (current or future) clients


  • Are worried you won’t know how to answer their challenging questions (for example: “but what about all the research that says diets do work??”)


  • Are unsure of what the process of food freedom should look like for your clients and how to structure your sessions for effective outcomes.


  • Don’t know what would be a measure of success if you aren’t measuring weight?


  • Worry you’ll get stuck or overwhelmed in helping them move forward because you don’t have enough counseling skills or confidence to do so.


  • Feel like you are all over the place in clearly explaining the intuitive eating process and how to walk your clients through the healing journey within a framework that works!

If this is you right now, then Food Freedom for Professionals will help resolve each and every one of these challenges so you can go from overwhelmed and confused to coaching with clarity and confidence and CHANGING LIVES!

Go from confused to CONFIDENT! 

Food Freedom for Professionals is a mentorship program that will give you the direct guidance and skills you need to meet your clients where they are at and coach them effectively and confidently to food and body peace! 

This program is for Professionals who: 

      • No longer want to put their clients on a diet and promote diet culture. 
      • Want to effectively help their clients end the food stress, guilt and body shaming so they can live a better quality of life 
      • Want to build their coaching skills so they can confidently guide their clients to health and happiness through the lens of food and body freedom. 

This program is NOT for Professionals who: 

      • Want to use Intuitive Eating as a method to aid in intentional weight loss.
      • Are not willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone to grow as professionals. 
      • Are not able to prioritize the time needed to show up and learn in order to build the knowledge and skills required to coach with confidence.


I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t take part in the Food Freedom for Professionals program. My confidence in helping clients with Intuitive Eating has skyrocketed. I have a clear understanding of why each principle is necessary and how to apply it. Rachel has helped me understand how to help clients pull apart food rules and guilt and gain confidence in assisting clients with body image struggles. I really know I can do this now! No need to delay anymore until I feel ready, give me the clients!”” 

– Tayla

How It Works

Group calls with Rachel

Bi-weekly 90 minute group mentoring calls to get direct guidance from Rachel on how to navigate your specific coaching struggles with client cases and answer your challenging questions.

Access to Video Lessons

Prior to each group call you’ll get access to video lessons with the step by step framework on how to coach your clients effectively, covering essential topics which includes walking you through the research and answers to challenging questions and situations.

Handouts and Templates

Get a short cut to having materials that will enhance your coaching and help you structure your sessions with clarity from the initial sessions through follow ups. 

Topics Covered 


Lesson 1: Where to Start

  • Assessing your own journey
  • Why health professionals are needed to do this work
  • Terminologies to understand

Lesson 2: The Problem – Why Diets Don’t Work

  • A deep dive into the research on why diets don’t work
  • How diets are harming our health
  • The triggers that keep your clients dieting when it doesn’t work
  • How to help your clients let go of dieting for good when faced with fear or distrust
  • How to assess a client’s readiness and what to ask on the Discovery Call to ensure it is the right fit for you to work together.

Lesson 3: The Other Option – Health At Every Size

  • Understanding the benefits of a weight inclusive approach
  • A deep dive into the harmful effects of weight stigma and how its affecting your clients
  • Explaining set weight point, what can impact it, and it’s limitations
  • How to confidently address challenging questions and objections to HAES (example: but what about the research on obesity????)

Lesson 4: The Solution – Intuitive Eating

  • A nuanced understanding of Intuitive Eating and the 10 Principles 
  • Common client struggles and how to help them overcome each one
  • Addressing FAQs and objections to the Intuitive Eating approach 
  • Challenging Intuitive Eating misconceptions
  • How to differentiate between disordered eating and an eating disorder 

Lesson 5: The Implementation – Coaching Your Client in Real Time

  • What to ask in the first session
  • How to set goals for effective outcomes
  • A deep dive into The Coaching Funnel method so you as the professional have a proven framework to follow and know where to meet your clients with each struggle so that they (and you) don’t get overwhelmed and make continuous progress toward food freedom.
  • How to effectively help your client identify and challenge food rules
  • How to consider and incorporate cultural eating preferences 
  • Helping your client incorporate gentle nutrition without diets or restrictions

Lesson 6: The Closure – Healing Body Image

  • Understanding body image
  • Obstacle that prevent body acceptance – what might get in the way of the healing process and how to help your clients overcome these obstacles 
  • How to identify your client’s values and change their beliefs around body size 
  • How to address your client’s fears and the struggles of their lived experiences
  • Strategies & coping mechanisms to help your client heal their body image 
  • Helping your client reframe their body image beliefs in a believable way that actually works


“Rachel’s so knowledgeable on Intuitive Eating. My business coaches were not well-equipped to help me transition my coaching business from weight loss to Intuitive Eating, but Rachel was the right person to help me get the process started! The video lessons are very thorough. My favorite part of the program was the 90-minute group coaching calls where we could get all our questions answered in-depth. Rachel always made sure we understood her explanations and would continue with our follow-up questions if we needed. Over the course of this program, I launched a Masterclass and a 5-day challenge where I coached people on Intuitive Eating for the first time ever!! Thank you, Rachel!” 

– Aislinn Cox


    • Knowing what to ask at your discovery call to ensure your client is the right fit.
    • How to structure your sessions – what to ask in your first session and follow ups
    • How to help your clients move past struggles they are stuck in with a clear coaching method and process to follow to help them get to food freedom and body peace.
    • How to confidently respond to challenging questions and objections in order to move toward healing
    • A deeper understanding of the research on why diets don’t work, the benefits of a weight neutral approach, and the nuance in between that you don’t find in books or on social media – as well as how to break it down into simple and understandable terms
  • A skill set to identify your clients core struggles and tools to help them get unstuck.
  • 18 CPEUS if you are an RD


And most importantly… you’ll feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT to help your clients heal and transform their lives!

Limited spots are available to keep this program highly supportive.

Next group starts February 2022. 

* This program provides Dietitians with 18 CPEUs. 

As a qualified nutritionist, I’d read the Intuitive Eating book, but I felt I needed more support and training on coaching around body image and healing their relationship with food, but I didn’t have the right tools to do this effectively and confidently. The combination of in-depth training videos and supportive coaching calls with Rachel surpassed my expectations. FFP Mentorship Program gives you everything you need to learn and apply the tools to coach clients towards food freedom! The program is so well designed, and I have learnt so much about the nuances of Intuitive Eating and also how to coach clients around specific real-life issues that will come up for them during the healing journey. I feel more confident in helping clients to challenge their food rules and heal their body image which is something I was really not confident with before. Food Freedom for Professionals is an absolute must if you are working with people on intuitive eating to heal their relationship with food and body image.” 

– Lauren Gayfer

Hi, I’m Rachel 

 and I know how you feel. 

As an Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’ve helped hundreds of women effectively heal their relationship with food and find body peace.  

But I wasn’t always confident in my ability to do so. Like you, I was excited to learn about Intuitive Eating and discover there is another path to health and happiness that does not involve endless food rules, guilt, restriction, and toxic diet culture. But I was at a loss on HOW to help my clients reject diets and food rules and find food freedom. 

For a while, I held myself back from taking on clients and practicing this approach because I was scared I’d mess up and honestly, had major imposter syndrome because I didn’t feel like I had a clear process in place or how to navigate potentially challenging cases… Because after all, I had never actually coached this way before. 

After a few months, though, I realized I wasn’t going to be great at something if I didn’t just start! And I sure as hell wasn’t helping anyone by staying in a place of fear and inaction. If I wanted to change lives and live with what I knew was my purpose, there was no direction to go in but forward.  

I was committed to learning as much as possible along the way and I knew I’d need to seek guidance in order to do so. I read books, joined trainings on Intuitive Eating, and sought out mentorship & guidance from those with years more experience than me who helped me with the most challenging of clients.  

This support made a HUGE difference to figuring out an effective way to coach clients with confidence. But it was not smooth sailing. And it was a very disjointed journey. 

 Which brings us to Food Freedom for Professionals – why I created this mentorship program for you, how it will help YOU coach with confidence, and what makes it unique.  

My own journey to coaching clients to food freedom with confidence took me so long because I had to piece it together for myself from different resources – none of them bring everything you need to ONE place.   

I know how confusing and overwhelming it can feel to figure out a new way to coach clients, one that is in alignment with your values. I wanted to create something that would streamline and simplify it for you! 

I’ve created just that by bringing it all together for you inside the Food Freedom for Professionals Mentorship Program so you have it all in ONE place! 

So, why should I join Food Freedom for Professionals?

Well for starters, if you’ve been feeling doubtful in your coaching abilities, or maybe you haven’t even taken on any clients because you don’t feel confident to practice it yet – we need to change that because you ARE so capable of doing this work! You are needed! Lives are waiting to be changed!

Also, this group program is only a offered 3 to 4 times a year with limited spots available to keep it highly supportive. Once the doors are closed you’ll need to wait at least another 3 months to join again. Where do you want to be in 3 months? Where you are now and are you coaching in the way you know is possible for you and your clients?

This program is unique because it brings you the information and tools you need under ONE roof. 

There are things you can’t find in a book and need direct guidance for – this mentorship program provides the space for that!

It was created with one big goal in mind – to translate research and information to REAL LIFE PRACTICE so you can walk your clients through the journey of food freedom in a realistic and effective way! 

This includes: 

  • How to feel confident talking about intuitive eating to your audience
  • Answering challenging questions with confidence 
  • What to ask in your discovery call sessions to ensure this client is the right fit to work together 
  • Red flags to look out for 
  • Essential questions to ask in your first session 
  • Understanding my unique framework, the Coaching Funnel Method, to effectively help you clients get unstuck and make continuous progress at every stage of healing
  • Templates and handouts to implement what you learn with clarity and ease. 
  • Direct guidance in group mentorship calls via zoom to help you navigate through challenging client cases in a nuanced and practical way.


When and where do we meet and will a replay be available?

This is a 3 month program where will meet every other week (6 group mentoring calls total) for 90-minute sessions. Meetings take place via zoom and replays are available for all calls. 

How often to do you offer this program?

This program is only available for enrollment 3 to 4 times a year.  

How do the group calls work? What do we discuss?

In our group calls each member will have the opportunity to present their client case where they are feeling stuck in helping their client move forward, or ask any questions they themselves feel stuck in. There are limited spots available to keep this group small and intimate so that each member will have the time to have their question/concern answered so that they et the guidance and clarity they need to coach confidently.  

What if I can't come to the live group mentorship calls?

You will get the most out of this experience by showing up to the calls. If you aren’t able to make it to 1 or 2 calls you can submit your question/case beforehand and it will be answered on the call. A replay will be sent to view afterwards. If you are unable to prioritize showing up live to the calls this is not the right program for you. 

What are the video lessons for?

To ensure that you get the complete framework and clear coaching process to coaching your clients effectively to food and freedom and body peace, in addition to our group calls where you get direct guidance from Rachel, you also will receive prior to each group call access to a video lesson covering essential topics and walking through nuanced situations that will help you show up with clarity and confidence to sessions.  You’ll have lifetime access to these lessons once the program ends.

Is this for me if I haven't started practicing yet?

Absolutely! There is no better time to prepare yourself to show up confidently to your future client sessions that right now! 

Is this for me if I've been practicing with this approach for a while?

That depends on YOU. How confident do you feel in your coaching skills right now. Are you feeling overwhelmed or scattered in your process and approach? Do you have clients where you are unsure on the next best step for them? Do you doubt your current way of doing things? Are you clients making continuous progress or are they stuck and you don’t know what is most effective way to help them move forward? 

If you are seeking to boost your confidence and clarity, as well as improve and expand your coaching skills – this program will help you do just that! 

Is this for me if I'm not a Registered Dietitian?

Absolutely! If you are health professional who wants to deepen her understanding of Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size, or to improve your coaching skills within your scope of practice –  this program is for you. This includes Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Therapists, Doctors, Health Coaches, and Nutritionists.

Do Registered Dietitians get continuing education credits?

Yes! This program provides  RDs with 18 CPEUs.

Is there a payment plan?

A payment plan option is available. 

What is your refund policy?

Joining the mentorship program is a commitment to your growth as a professional, to honor this commitment there is no refund and full payment is expected whether a one time payment or payment plan was selected. 

Join Food Freedom for Professionals and get access to: 

The resources you need under ONE roof to effectively help your clients heal their relationship with food and find body peace – with clarity and confidence!

  • (6) 90-minute Group Mentoring with Rachel (valued at $2500)
    Bi-weekly 90 minute group mentoring calls to get direct guidance from Rachel on how to navigate your specific coaching struggles with client cases and answer your challenging questions.


  • Lifetime access to Video Lessons (valued at $1500)  
    Access to video lessons with the step by step framework on how to coach your clients effectively, covering essential topics which includes walking you through the research and answers to challenging questions and situations..


  • Downloadable Handouts & Templates for Client Sessions (valued at $149)
    Get a short cut to having materials that will enhance your coaching and help you structure your sessions with clarity from the initial sessions through follow ups.

This is a value of over $4,000

However, right now this entire 3-month mentorship program is available to you for a one-time payment of $1,757 (or 3 payments of $587/month).

*Provides Dietitians with 18 CPEUs 

“This was such a great experience! Rachel was supportive, patient, and I learned so much. This program was everything I needed to become a more confident Intuitive Eating coach! I also got my first intuitive eating client and I’m feeling confident supporting her!” 

– Carissa

“I am so happy that I decided to join! It was exactly what I was looking for and really organized Intuitive eating in such a clear and structured way, taking away that feeling of being overwhelmed with information that I have when I was trying to coach my clients. The lessons are interesting and informative and Rachel guides the coaching calls amazingly, making sure I have all my questions answered and can really coach with confidence. The handouts are amazing and the step by step guidelines for how to direct my clients on each subject really gave me structure and clarity  on how to take my clients through the process in a way that would really work and benefit them.” 

– Hadassa Cohen

My dear, it's time to coach with confidence and change lives!

Limited spots are available, only offered 3 to 4 times a year. Next group starts February 2022.

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