Break Free From Dieting

Live a life free of food guilt, stress, and worry where you nourish yourself with confidence and joy and zero deprivation!

Does this cycle feel familiar to you? 

Isn’t dieting exhausting?! All those food rules to follow. All that brain space and obsession over eating the “perfect meal”. All that “willpower” you need. Only to feel like complete failure when you indulge in a “guilty pleasure” – and then you start the cycle all over again. It’s draining, isn’t it? I mean, when did eating get so complicated?! Sound familiar?

You don’t need to keep living this way!

Eating should be simple! I teach you how!

It’s time to break FREE from the dieting cycle and rid yourself of food rules, guilt, and stress – so you can enjoy food again with trust and confidence and feel good in your body! Let’s do it!

Who this course is for? 

This course is for you if you: 

  • Fear eating your “off limits” foods & going out of control
  • Have a love/hate relationship with food
  • Struggle with food guilt and obsess over what you eat
  • Have a negative body image or engage in negative self talk
  • Are confused how to eat healthily and what balanced nutrition should actually look like

*This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You need medical attention for an eating disorder
  • Are looking for a “quick fix”
  • Are not willing to reflect on your thoughts and eating habits so you can live your best life!

“Rachel’s program gave me so many skills I was desperately lacking but didn’t know how to get on my own. I learned about honoring my hunger, listening and trusting my body. Rachel uses the perfect mix of nutrition science & body awareness and positivity to help each person understand how intuitive eating works and how it can work for them.”

- Yael R.

“My relationship with food is not healthy (after 5 pregnancies) and I was looking to change that. Everything [the program] just makes sense in the proper perspective, it’s in sync with the relationship you are supposed to have with food. This program helps you get your relationship with food to a healthy place.”

- Kay W.

How It Works

The course is broken down into 6 week units, so you can learn, process, and apply it all in a step by step framework at your pace. 

  •  Week 1: Break the Cycle! Understand why you haven’t been successful at dieting (hint: it’s not because you are a failure) and how to ditch the diet cycle for good.


  •  Week 2: Reclaim Body Trust. Learn how to trust your internal cues of hunger and fullness with clarity and confidence, so you no longer need to depend on calorie counting or other people’s diet plans, “portion control”, or rules.


  •  Week 3: Address the Real Issue. Get to the root of your unhealthy eating habits and why they are happening.  You’ll be taught clear actions steps to overcome unhealthy eating habits and how to cultivate healthy ones.


  •  Week 4: Respect Your Body. How to treat your body with self-care and kindness and rid yourself of negative self-talk so you can fully experience and engage in the life you deserve.


  •  Week 5: Practical Nutrition. How to incorporate gentle nutrition in a flexible way so you feel your best – with zero deprivation, stress, or guilt. Includes meal prep tips, meal and snack ideas, and menu building template.


  •  Week 6: Joyful Movement. How to create a healthy relationship with exercise so that it brings you joy and you reap the full health benefits.


  •  Bonus Lesson:  Addressing FAQs questions such as how to apply the information when you have a medical condition, how to approach holiday meals, ways to handle triggering diet conversations, what to do if you feel addicted to food, and more!


I wanted to be free from constantly thinking about what I should be eating, what I was going to eat, feeling guilty when eating, not having control or thinking about what I was eating. I thought the structure of the class was really on point – the lessons were in the right order. I learned so much in this program. Rachel’s’ passion for and knowledge of intuitive eating is really inspiring. I’ve already made progress in my journey to set myself free from constantly thinking about food, eating, my weight, etc. 

- Alexis M.

Why Should I Take This Online Course?

Great question!

Chances are you are here because you are tired of endless dieting and all the food guilt that is stealing your energy and brain space – because, let’s face it, its exhausting! 

This program will show you the way out of this endless (and unhealthy) cycle – so you can live life FULLY in health and happiness. 

It is also self paced and is broken down into digestible blocks of information – so you can process each step and implement them as you go, at your pace!  

If you’ve got lots going on and your schedule is not always predictable, this program will provide you with expert knowledge and advice that you can learn and implement on YOUR schedule! Watch it from anywhere in the world at your convenience! 

In addition, if you can’t afford to pay a professional to work with you one on one – this program is the perfect affordable option! I provide you with the same framework I use with my 1:1 clients to help you understand what you need to do to stop feeling guilty and stressed about what you eat and how to enjoy food again – with trust and confidence! 

Get 30+ Video Teaching Lessons!

I take you step by step on what you need to do to heal your relationship with your food and body so you can trust yourself with food again and eat in a way that best serves you. 

I’m not just going to repeat information you can find in a book because there is only so far a book can take you. I want you to understand the nuances of becoming the expert of your body & healing your relationship with food – and how to realistically achieve this goal. 

You’ll also receive actionable worksheets to help you implement what you have learned! 

The best part? You get unlimited access to all of it! 


    You can ENJOY food & LIVE life – and FEEL GOOD, too!

    Join Now and Receive Instant Access to:

    ✔ 30+ video teaching lessons (value of $800)

    ✔ Worksheets to implement each step (value of $97)

    ✔ Access to Private Facebook Support Group (value of $197)

    ✔ Bi-Monthly Q&A (value of $197)

    ✔ Bonus! Breakfast with Intention Recipe eBook (value of $15)

    ✔ All future updates and additions (priceless)

    ✔ Lifetime access (priceless)

    VALUE OF OVER $1300

    You get it all TODAY for a one-time payment of $147 or 2 payments of $75! 

    Bonus! Gain access to my Breakfast with Intention Recipe eBook

    (if you haven’t yet)

    Get a week’s worth of healthy breakfast recipes and tips for each day on how to practice mindfulness and set your day’s intention in order to best connect with your body’s wisdom!

    But… is this worth the investment?

    If you are wondering if this is worth the investment, I understand. You want to be sure you invest in things worth your while, as you should!

    Which is I want to share with you the following… I sought to become a Registered Dietitian because I was seeking for  a way to resolve my own struggles with food and help others do the same. I’ve spent years of learning and thousands of dollars to heal my relationship with food. The course teaches you in 6 weeks what took me almost 10 years to figure out on my own – for less than $150!

    I’m confident that this course will save you time, energy, and money and help you reach food freedom FASTER than staying where you are right now and figuring it out on your own. I provide you with the knowledge, tools, and clarity you need to live the healthy and happy life you deserve without all the food rules. Plus! You get unlimited access and additoinal support from our Facebook group!

    Your Instructor

    Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has helped women break free of the endless dieting cycle, and I want to teach you how to stop living with food stress and guilt and start living, too – so you can enjoy food again! I want to show you how having a healthy relationship with food and your body is possible, and how it will give you the trust and CONFIDENCE you need to nourish yourself in ways that best serve you – so you can become the expert of your body and live life FULLY in health and happiness.

    You now have 2 options…



     Option 1: 

    Stay where you are at now, continue to try figuring this out on your own while feeling stressed & guilty about what and how you are eating, continue having food take up too much of your brain space and life!


     Option 2: 

    Get rid of food guilt & stressful diet rules for good, and move toward a life of food freedom and body confidence FASTER with clarity and guidance within a structured framework – plus additional support along the way! Because isn’t a healthy, happy, FREE life the one you deserve?


    Is there any feedback given or coaching available during the program?

    Yes! When you join you will have exclusive access to our private facebook group where I conduct Q&As twice a month so you have the additional guidance and support you need.

    What if I need more than 6 weeks to complete the program? Or I’m not ready to start right away?

    With your one time purchase you have unlimited access to the program, which means you can start and end the program at YOUR pace. Some members have completed it in 3 weeks, others a few months. I’ve created the program so that it’s easy to go through and apply at your pace at your convenience.

    Is this program for me if I have an eating disorder?

    This program should not be taken in place of professional help needed to treat an eating disorder.

    What if I’ve tried to make peace with food in the past but felt it didn't work?

    Letting go of food rules on your own can be overwhelming! Especially if there are YEARS of food rules you’ve been practicing and need to undo.  

    When I created this program by intent was to address all the nuance that comes with having a healthy relationship with food and aligning your eating with what your body needs as there is only so far a book can take you. My focus is on how to make it all practical for your life and helping you understand what has been keeping you stuck and has not been working in the past so you can move toward food freedom with new found clarity and confidence!

    The worksheets I have included help you apply what you learn to your life and personalize the information taught in the lessons.

    What if it doesn’t work for me? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. But you first need to complete the program and show that you have completed the work. This program is for those who are ready to put in the work and apply what they have learned for best results. I can give you the tools, but I can’t do the work for you. That is up to you.

    “Rachel’s program is great for anyone wishing to start their journey to a healthier relationship with food. She is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic to anyone struggling with food issues.”

    - Miriam M.

    If you constantly are contemplating “should I/ shouldn’t I eat this, JOIN THE PROGRAM.

    - Rosie Z.

    Join Now and Receive Instant Access to:

    ✔ 30+ video teaching lessons (value of $800)

    ✔ Worksheets to implement each step (value of $97)

    ✔ Access to Private Facebook Support Group (value of $197)

    ✔ Bi-Monthly Q&A (value of $197)

    ✔ Bonus! Breakfast with Intention Recipe eBook (value of $15)

    ✔ All future updates and additions (priceless)

    ✔ Lifetime access (priceless)

    VALUE OF OVER $1300

    Get immediate access TODAY for a one-time payment of $147 or 2 payments of $75! 

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