Hi, I’m Rachel Goodman

Registered Dietitian | Speaker | Mother | Entrepreneur

Intuitive eating & body peace registered dietitian nutritionist & mentor for dietitians + nutrition professionals, helping women rid themselves of food chaos, guilt and stress so they can reclaim control and nourish their bodies with confidence through the lens of compassion, empowerment and self love. 

Rachel is an expert in the field of nutrition, binge eating, body image, and health with over 6 years of experience in public speaking. Rachel presents her information in a practical, engaging, relatable, and passionate way that resonates with her audience which has included both the general public and Dietitians + Nutrition/Health Professionals. 

Rachel is available to speak virtually and in person at retreats, seminars, workshops, general lectures, and events. Each audience is unique and lectures are customized to audience needs, contact Rachel to determine what speaking topic or workshop will best suit your needs. 

Popular Topics 

For the General Public: 

  • Addressing and managing emotional eating
  • Why your diet fails and what to do instead for optimal health
  • Healing and cultivating a positive body image
  • How to use mindful eating correctly to heal your relationship with food
  • Reclaiming nutrition from diet culture and how to eat well without the stress
  • The 3 reasons for binge eating and how to stop
  • Managing diabetes & blood sugar without sacrificing a healthy relationship with food

For Dietitians & Nutrition Professionals:

  • How to set up a successful private practice using the Intuitive Eating approach
  • Supporting your binge eating clients – how to help your clients effectively heal & reclaim their health
  • Helping your clients heal their body image at every size – without diets or food rules 
  • Elevating your intuitive eating, disordered eating and body image counseling skills to coach clients effectively and with confidence
  • Addressing and understanding Intuitive Eating misconceptions & how to utilize it with clients who have medical conditions

What audiences are saying…

Rachel is an extraordinary speaker; watching Rachel present on her passion is both moving and exciting. Rachel is a relatable storyteller filled with compassion, attention to detail and a magnetic personality. Rachel isnt only great to listen to, shes also fun to watch. Watching Rachel speak makes me feel like Im apart of her message [and] apart of her movement which inspires our community.

-Libby Rothschild, MS, RD, Accredited Continuing Education Provider for Dietetic Professional

“Rachel is an amazing and versatile speaker! She is able to captivate her audience with her wisdom, insights, and passion on the topic of Intuitive Eating and body image in an engaging way. Her relatable and personable style resonates with any audience that has the pleasure of hearing her speak!”

-Amy Sowards, MS RDN, Founder of Dietitian Institute

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