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DAY 1 (May 11th)

Stephanie Webb, MS

How to Eat with Confidence

Kristina Bruce

How to Stop Hating Your Body So You Can Live Life Fully

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Communicating Effectively with Your Partner for a Richer Relationship

Erica Djossa, MA

Removing Guilt & Shame from Motherhood

Dr. Mona Amin, FAAP

 Caring for your child’s emotional & physical well-being during a global pandemic

Blimie Heller, Parenting Coach

Healing Your Inner Child & Parenting Authentically

Day 2 (May 12th)

Liesel Teen, RN

Being Prepared for Labor & Postpartum Recovery

Jeanice Mitchell, PT, WCS BCB-PMD

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Pelvic Floor Muscles

Megan McNamee, MPH RDN

How Baby Led Weaning Can Prevent Picky Eating & Encourage Healthy Eating Behaviors

Lindsay Stenovec, MS, RD, CEDRD-S

Navigating Body Changes and Body Image During Pregnancy & Postpartum

Amanda Montalvo, RD FDN-P

Understanding Your Period Cravings & Identifying Hormonal Imbalances

Noelle Martin, MS RDN

Meal Planning on a Budget for Busy Moms

DAY 3 (May 13th)

Dana Suchow

How to Raise Self Loving & Body Confident Children

Tally Rye

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise At Every Size

Paige Smathers, RDN

Getting Rid of the Diet Bully & Improving Health with Self-Compassion

Jay Baum, RD

Raising Healthy Eaters without Meal Time Pressure

Stephanie Clairmont, MHSc RDN

Turning Your Passions Into a Business as a Mom

Amy Sowards, MS RDN

Redefining Mindful Eating As A Mom

The Nourished Mom Summit: redefining health & motherhood.

Your Host:

Rachel Goodman, RD CDN

Rachel Goodman is a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of 3 who understands the challenges of juggling the busy life of motherhood and finding the time to care for yourself, which is why she believes health begins with a healthy relationship with food, fostering a positive body image, and making time for self-care, all of which are imperative for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Rachel holds a degree in Health & Nutrition Sciences with experience in hospital, long-term care, and one-on-one nutrition coaching. Rachel uses her knowledge, skills, & whole-person approach, to help women heal their  relationship with food and their body, & live a healthy life from a place of peace, joy, and trust.

Rachel resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 3 little girls. 

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