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What ladies are saying about the Summit…

” Wow that’s all I could say just wow! I’m in the middle of day 3 of the summit and you know they say knowledge is power well I feel so empowered!… I honestly want to thank you for going above and beyond! And every single speaker that I watched so far was beyond amazing ! Thank you!”

- Sara

“I just watched the session with Megan this morning and it was so helpful! I’m a new mom of a 5 month old and was curious about baby led weaning! Thanks again for putting together this summit! I’m really enjoying the sessions! Really enjoyed listening to Dr. Mona & Dr. Tracy yesterday. “

- Leslie

“Thank you so much for this amazing summit!! I listened to all the interviews and really enjoyed it and learned a lot!!! “

- Rivka

“Dana’s interview and Tally Rye of Train Happy were both incredible for me and so so calming and inspiring to listen too!! My hope is that you get these messages out to so so many woman!! And for me 3 years into this journey and hearing these amazing woman speak brings it altogether. “

- Rebecca

“Thank you so so much for making this summit – i don’t know how to thank you enough… I feel this gave me my power back that I can make choices and I know where to look for support and I can still make educated decisions about my body and even learn more to help my family as my family grows… I feel just listening to this summit took away so much shame that I felt because it was said in such a sensitive, normal, factual way.”

- Lisa

What is the Nourished Mom Summit?

The Nourished Mom summit is dedicated to all things health & motherhood. Inside the summit you will learn from 18 guest experts in the field of nutrition, body image, mental health, parenting, pregnancy, postpartum, business and more.

The summit covers a range of topics that give moms across the globe the inspiration and tools they need to live their most nourished life – mom guilt NOT included!

The best part? You get to watch from your computer (or phone) from the comforts of your home, or car, or desk, or anywhere in the world – on YOUR schedule and convenience!


See the incredible line up of guest experts you will learn from.

What I wish someone would’ve told me before I had kids

Growing up, I dreamed of raising a family. But my picture perfect vision of motherhood quickly came crashing down when my first child was born. 

I wish I knew then…

  • That it’s okay if you don’t “fall in love” with your child at first sight. Bonding takes time. You are not a bad mother.

  • That mindful eating will be much more challenging with endless distractions as a mom, but still possible.
  • That parenting is going to be the hardest job of your life. You are not failing if you don’t have it all figured out. 
  • That being super passionate about your career does not mean you care less about your kids. You’re allowed to want more. 

If someone would have shared all this with me, it would have spared me so much guilt, frustration and heartache. 

I know I am not alone. Motherhood is no joke. But that doesn’t mean we all have to struggle on our own. 

Which is why I set out to create the Nourished Mom Summit! A resource where moms from all over the world will  get inspired and walk away with actionable tools taught to them by 18 nutrition and health experts, and feel empowered to live their most nourished life. 

Because nourishment is not just about the food you eat (although we will definitely be discussing this), it is feeling whole and healthy – mind, body, soul. It is living your best life! And perhaps, feeling a little less alone in this crazy, beautiful, wild journey called Motherhood.

Especially in challenging times during this global pandemic where being a mom feels like a whole other level of super human powers, ya feel me? 

The summit will provide you with the encouragement, validation, and practical tools you need to show up at your best, even in tough times! I can’t wait to greet you on the inside! 

The Nourished Mom Summit: redefining health & motherhood.

Your Host:

Rachel Goodman, RD CDN

Rachel Goodman is a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who understands the challenges of juggling the busy life of motherhood and finding the time to care for yourself, which is why she believes health begins with a healthy relationship with food, fostering a positive body image, and making time for self-care, all of which are imperative for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Rachel holds a degree in Health & Nutrition Sciences with experience in hospital, long-term care, and one-on-one nutrition coaching. Rachel uses her knowledge, skills, & whole-person approach, to help women heal their  relationship with food and their body, & live a healthy life from a place of peace, joy, and trust.

Rachel resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and 3 little girls. 

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