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Weight gain has been demonized by diet culture, that much is clear. 

Which makes it hard to heal your body image, especially if you’ve regained weight as you have been healing your relationship with food. 

Given body diversity is normal and we are not all meant to be thin, this can be normal and a part of the healing process. 

But what happens when you keep gaining and gaining weight? How do you know when it is part of healing or part of an issue? 

And more importantly, if it is a result of an unhealthy reason, what is the solution? [hint: its still not dieting!]

I recently wrote a post on instagram addressing this topic and while many appreciated the nuance I shared, others were upset by it. 

Which is why I’m answering the questions of: Is my weight gain healthy or unhealthy? In today’s podcast episode. Because these conversations should not be shoved under the rug. I don’t believe in denial but rather having understanding and awareness through the lens of self compassion to know how to take care of yourself and when to reach out for support 


 In this episode, we cover: 

  • Why we shouldn’t ignore weight entirely 
  • Signs of healthy and unhealthy weight loss
  • Why you can’t assume you know someone’s health status based on how they look
  • Signs of healthy and unhealthy weight gain
  • Why it’s okay to question weight gain and why its not fatphobic to do so
  • Responses to instagram comments who were triggered by this topic and why it’s important to not avoid these conversations

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