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Living with an inner critic in your mind that relentlessly makes you feel bad about your body.. 

That tells you how ‘bad’ you are for eating a slice of cake… 

That convinces you that you’re weak, a failure, and not enough – is EXHAUSTING! 

But what if the way to rid yourself of these mean thoughts wasn’t to focus on actually getting rid of them? 

Because so far, that hasn’t worked. It’s only causing you to get more frustrated with yourself. 

What if the answer was not to fight these mean thoughts, but to lean in to them? 

In this podcast episode, licensed therapist Robin Gutman, shares with us a revolutionary therapy approach to heal your body image and relationship with food that will help you drop the fight with your mean thoughts and heal in a way that is kind, compassionate, and realistic.

In this episode we cover: 

  • What is the Internal Family Systems approach and how can it help you heal from negative body image, food rules, and binging. 
  • What your mind sounds like when you binge (you’ll want to hear this!!)
  • How your negative thoughts and inner bully have become protective mechanisms (and why they are so hard to let go of, even when it’s making you miserable)
  • How to let go of these maladaptive protective mechanisms so you can live at peace with yourself, with food, and your body.

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